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8 of the best Irish celebrity feuds

(L to R) Glenda Gilson and Rosanna Davison; Andrea Roche and Amanda Brunker
(L to R) Glenda Gilson and Rosanna Davison; Andrea Roche and Amanda Brunker
Ronan Keating (L) and Louis Walsh pose backstage prior to the band's pre-tour gig, their first show together in 8 years, at G.A.Y. on March 1, 2008
(L to R) Linda Martin, Louis Walsh and Twink
(Left) Alan Hughes and Karl Broderick and (right) Oliver Callan
Lorraine Keane (left) and Sinead O'Connor (right)
Georgia Penna and Hazel O'Sullivan in 2010
Former Miss World Rosanna Davison and Glenda Gilson in 2009
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

Oliver Callan’s pop at Rosanna Davison isn’t the first feud we’ve seen among Irish celebrities – it’s not even the first we’ve seen involving Callan. Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

Oliver Callan and Alan Hughes (2015)


Comedian Callan had some choice words for Alan Hughes, who proposed to his partner Karl Broderick live on the Ireland AM couch in 2015, describing it as “crass”. But Hughes clearly took the comment to heart and didn’t hold back in his response, “He obviously needs to sell tickets for his tour but if that's the type of bitter old queen we have in Ireland, then I don't know. I pity his boyfriend.” But Callan had the last word, or words, when he said: “I did find it odd to be called 'old' by someone who is more than 20 years my senior and looks like he slept in formaldyhyde." Ouch.


Twink and Linda Martin (2010)


This is a feud that will go down in Irish showbiz history. Two legends of stage and song and friends for more than 30 years - only for it all to burst into flames backstage during rehearsals for Menopause: The Musical in Mayo. Eurovision songstress Linda said she overheard panto dame Twink bitching about her with a castmate in an adjacent hotel suite.

"I overheard a two-hour character assassination and most of the words began with 'c' and had four letters in them," she said of the incident. They put their differences aside during the search for Twink’s beloved Terrier Teddy when he was dognapped in 2014, but are no longer speaking.


Twink and David Agnew (2004)]


In perhaps the most notorious exchange between two irish celebrity exes, Twink and her ex-husband David Agnew finally buried the hatchet in 2015 after a decade of tension. Their marriage ended in 2004 when Twink learned of his relationship with RTE orchestra member Ruth Hickey and they welcomed their first child together two years later. At the time, a reporter called Twink for a reaction. Twink slammed down the phone and rang Agnew, leaving a tirade on his voicemail that included the classic phrase: "Zip up your mickey!"


Amanda Brunker and Andrea Roche (2010)


They’re two former Miss Irelands, both beautiful, successful, famous - and there was a time, too, where Amanda Brunker and Andrea Roche were also good pals. Both parties have been cagey about what spurred on the spat, with Amanda simply saying she didn’t want to “get sucked into the negativity of rows" when asked about the status of her friendship with Roche.

At the time, it was reported they butted heads on a night out, in Dublin with one eyewitness saying: “Suddenly they both started hurling insults at each other. They were calling each other all the names of the day and it was clear there was a lot of vitriol between them.” The pair haven’t spoken since.


Georgia Penna (nee Salpa) and Hazel O’Sullivan (2012)


Before she was Mrs Penna, Georgia Salpa was riding high at the top of the Irish modelling game, fresh from a stint on TV3’s Celebrity Salon, where she met ex-boyfriend Calum Best. After their split, he was linked to fellow Irish model Hazel O’Sullivan and the CBB star “called Hazel screaming down the phone” after she was pictured with him at a launch. "All Georgia's friends have stopped speaking to Hazel now. It's one thing to go through such a public break-up but to be going after one of your best mates so soon, she's just angry about it”, a source said at the time.


Louis Walsh and Ronan Keating (2003)


The feud between the music mogul and singer first began when Ronan first fired Louis as his manager in 2003. Since then, the pair have readily exchanged insults in a cross platform strategy - on tv, in newspapers and on radio. Just last year, Louis described Keating as the biggest diva he’s worked with. “They all turn into divas. He can’t sing like a diva but I would probably have to say Ronan Keating,” he said.

Ronan responded: “Allegedly someone called me a Diva. Ha ha f**k me they obviously never met me or managed me.” Separately, Walsh said most popstars “are very ungrateful –they just turn into monsters.”


Lorraine Keane and Sinead O’Connor (2008)


During her reign as anchor of TV3’s Xpose, Lorraine Keane interviewed the crème de la crème of celebrities in Ireland and abroad. One of her more memorable encounters involved Sinead O’Connor, who wrote of her upset with the presenter after she asked if people “think you’re mad” when they meet her.

"Lorraine Keane. She's nice and all and wears a cool red velvet and black leather waistcoat. But after 10 minutes or so comes the 'people think you're mad -- do you agree?" question. I always get asked that. And it always hurts,” Sinead said after the conversation.

Lorraine, who is now hosting her own style workshops, gave her own version of events. "I asked Sinéad O'Connor some very tough questions but they were only about things that everyone was talking about in the pub anyway. I asked her about her sexuality and she said -- 'I don't think my sexuality is any of your business' and I said 'fair enough'."


And finally….

8. Rosanna Davison, Glenda Gilson and ‘The Rumble in Ranelagh’ (2010)


It started off as any other day at the pub, but by the end of it, Glenda Gilson and ex-boyfriend Johnny Ronan met at a Ranelagh pub where they had the mother of all rows. “There were a couple of issues on the boil but the thing that really infuriated Johnny was an issue surrounding the Range Rover which he had recently taken back from Glenda,” a source said at the time.

The next day, Ronan added fuel to the fire when he famously jetted off to Marrakesh with former Miss World Rosanna, a former friend of Glenda’s. they had been drinking with friends at the Ritz Carlton when they flew off to Morocco on his private jet at the last minute. The drama played out in the papers for weeks after, including an awkward run-in at the Miss Universe Ireland pageant.

"It was a spur of the moment thing. For Glenda's sake I don't want to talk about it. But ultimately no one was doing anything wrong. Even my parents know. It was totally innocent,” Rosanna said.

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