Wednesday 23 August 2017

'We fell in love after a hairdressing showdown'

From rival hairdressers to bride and 'groom', Team Ireland members Martha Galvin-Baird (33) and husband James Baird (37) found love in the cut-throat world of competitive hairdressing. Five years on, the couple -- who run their own salon in Ballina, Co Mayo -- have just welcomed their best creation yet, three-week-old baby son Ethan, says mum Martha.

"In my line of work, there aren't that many opportunities to meet men. Well, you meet loads of men -- but most of them are with men! I met James at the European hairdressing championship in Frankfurt in 2006 and was smitten.

"One night, we went out for dinner as friends and left the restaurant as a couple. It's been a real whirlwind -- within five years, we've met, married and had a baby.

"As a male hairdresser, James is surrounded by women all day and could probably have his pick of models.

"I trust him completely though -- and the fact that I work two feet away from him means I can keep an eye on him!

"It's probably some women's fantasy to be married to their hairdresser, but I'd never ask James to do my hair because I can do it myself."

Irish Independent

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