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Friday 19 September 2014

'Waxing and tanning are services that are there if you want them ... nobody is forcing them down your throat'

My story Model and NCAD student Emma Louise Doyle (24) from Wicklow

Emma Louise Doyle

Published 27/04/2014 | 02:30

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Skin deep: Emma Louise Doyle says women know the fashion industry is ‘all smoke and mirrors’

'As a model, you have to look after yourself. I use natural beauty products, eat a vegetarian diet and exercise to stay in shape. And if I wanted to drastically change my hair, I would have to consult my agent at RDH Model Management first.

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"Off duty, I love the ritual of getting dolled up for a night out with my friends. But I have no problem going to college with my hair tied back and no make-up on either. For me, it's about being appropriately dressed for the occasion, not getting dressed up like a Christmas tree.

"Personally, I don't see any difference between a guy working out in the gym and a girl getting her nails done. It's just different types of self-improvement.

"Waxing and tanning are services that are there if you want them. Nobody is forcing them down your throat.

"Obviously airbrushed models are all over the media because that's how you sell your business. And I do think that very young girls can get sucked into the beauty myth.

"But you can't blame the industry for the few people who take it to extremes. Women are not gormless idiots.

"They know that the fashion industry is all smoke and mirrors.

"I won't say it's completely untrue that women don't feel pressurised to look a certain way. And I wouldn't rule out Botox down the line if I started to see the odd wrinkle. Looking good is never going to bring you inner fulfilment. If a woman wants to spend hours straightening her hair and putting on make-up though, then that's up to her.

"It's ridiculous to say you can't be a feminist and still take pride in your appearance."

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