Saturday 29 April 2017

Turn heads: Triona McCarthy on how to brush up on your haircare skills


Beauty buff Triona McCarthy
Beauty buff Triona McCarthy
Resistance Soin Premier Therapiste by Kerastase
Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Lip Palette Vol 1
Balmain Paris Hair Couture Hair Perfume
Ouai Haircare Dry Shampoo
Pukka Love Tea
Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother
Poppy Delevingne

Triona McCarthy

Brush up on your haircare skills, feel the love, and get Insta-ready with our resident beauty buff.

Most wanted

Look at any social-media platform and you're sure to see Anastasia Beverly Hills products popping up anywhere from Bangkok to Berlin and Ballydehob!


The world's most-wanted range of make-up must-haves by the architect-turned-browchitect Anastasia Soare recently debuted the Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Lip Palette Vol 1, above, €48. Check out the 18 shades of insane colours - there's a mix of matte options, as well as a dual-ended brush/spatula and mixing plate, so you can totally feel like a pro MUA.

Triona tries


Ever wondered how some of Ireland's most high-profile party gals manage to look so good, despite all those late nights and copious cocktails? Well, it's down to a fantastic facialist - Sue Machesney at Bellaza Beauty Clinic, who uses state-of-the-art technology and ingredients with the LA Facial, €150.

This bespoke treatment peps up the skin with a cocktail of vitamins and hyaluronic acid, to give an instant and lasting boost. Best of all, the 20 minutes of LED light at the end is the equivalent to eight hours of sleep! No wonder party gals like Poppy Delevingne, above, rely on it to look fresh all night and the morning after!

Bellaza Beauty Clinic, 27 Ranelagh Rd, D6, tel:(01) 496-3484, or see

A proper cup of Tri


Wasn't it Eleanor Roosevelt who said "A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water." Right so, Eleanor, I'm going to drink the hell out of this Pukka Love Tea, above, €3.35! I'm trying desperately to curb my caffeine situation, and herbal teas have no caffeine and lots of water - the most essential part of keeping skin healthy. This sweet (but not sugary), refreshing, flavoursome tea with rose, lavender, elderflower, chamomile and licorice sure tickles my pickle.

Triona's trick

I'm writing this on a plane. The man next to me is chewing sweets so loudly that I'm a little concerned for his jaw. Which reminded me of this, eh, jaw-dropping, double-chin-lifting trick! Use a caffeine-rich cellulite cream to temporarily suck out excess fluids and reduce puffiness in the neck area.

Cult classic


Shiseido's Ibuki range instantly reached cult status when it launched a few years back. Ibuki, meaning 'strength' in Japanese, is the skincare for millennials who demand immediate results! Well, they've done it again with the launch of Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother, above, €25. It's a serum that gives a quick, skin-blurring beauty fix for Instagram-and-Snapchat-ready skin, with no need for filters. And it lasts all day long.

The Trimix


Look out long-haired ladies, as what you are about to read may cause extreme lust! I am so bad at doing my own hair at home. I generally look a bit like Diana Ross singing I'm Coming Out. However, these three products make things a bit better.

First up, we have Resistance Soin Premier Therapiste by Kerastase, above, €25. This pre-shampoo treatment is an absolute hair must-have if your hair is as abused as mine from colouring, blow-drying and general wear and tear. It's like a protective barrier, so it helps reduce friction during shampooing.

I swear it's worth the extra 60 seconds in the shower!


Next up, if you want to extend the blow-dry you paid a fortune for, there are dry shampoos aplenty in your local pharmacy or supermarket but, trust me, Ouai Haircare Dry Shampoo, lbelow, €25, is the dog's dangly bits. Formulated with volcanic minerals that neutralise excess oils and product build-up, this instantly adds lift to roots and boosts body and shine - without any of that white residue or giveaway pong.

Finally, look at this beauty: Balmain Paris Hair Couture Hair Perfume, below, €25.95, is enriched with silk protein and argan elixir to nourish, repair and protect your tresses - it also has the most intoxicating scent of peach blossom, apricot and white musk. Obvs, the bottle looks great for a bathroom shelf-ie!

You'll, eh, want the world to know!


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