Thursday 23 October 2014

She's electric! How to look festival fab this summer

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Published 02/08/2014 | 02:30

Kate Moss at Glastonbury.
Revellers at the Electric Picnic in Stradbally.
Fuschia Mascara

I blame Kate Moss. Before she turned Glastonbury into her personal catwalk, no-one actually worried about how they looked at a festival. As if there wasn't enough pressure to get your outfits right, now you also need to look as if you've got eight hours sleep each night. Here are a few essentials that'll help you to look fresh-faced (and what the hell, fabulous too) all weekend if you just happen to be spending it at this month's Electric Picnic.

Faith in Nature 3 in 1 Cleansing Wipes, €4.99 

In normal life, wipes should only be used in emergency, break-glass situations. You know, those nights when you're about three seconds from collapsing into bed with almost all your war paint still intact. But there's a whole different set of rules in festival-land. And you'll appreciate that these wipes have a specially formulated pH balanced blend of natural essential oils to ensure effective cleansing without synthetic chemicals whilst moisturising, refreshing and toning the skin.

Batiste Dry Shampoo, €2.49

The mix of plait and updo known as the Coachella Crown might be the coolest style to sport at a festival this season, but it's not for everyone. However, sleeping-bag hair definitely isn't a good look so give two-day old lacklustre locks a freshening boost with this cult product. Just be sure to rub it in well to prevent any give-away white residue.

Trilogy Everything Balm, €16.95

This is great for creating a dewy glow on tired complexions. But this multi-purpose balm does a lot more than that, including soothing dry skin on elbows, knees and toes; nourishing hands, nails and cuticles; acting as a massage oil for weary muscles; and protecting cracked lips.

Lush Toothy tabs, €2.50 for a pack of 40

Guaranteed to keep your breath minty fresh even if you have been over-indulging… Simply crush the solid toothpaste tabs in your mouth and brush as normal with your toothbrush.

Garnier BB Cream Eye Roll On, €15.24.

That first morning cup of coffee is an essential to feel even half human on a normal Sunday morning. But if you've been staying up extra late over the weekend, chances are you need a little extra help. This massages the eye area and helps to reduce the appearance of tired-looking peepers.

Fuschia Make-Up Waterproof Indelible Lash Mascara, €16.95

We've been blessed with the sunshine so far this summer, but just in case the weather gods reckon we've been spoilt or you find yourself in a hot and sweaty situation (we're talking about crowded gigs, of course…) a coat or two of this means you'll be able to flutter va-va-voom lashes all day and all night.

Burt Bees Hand Sanitizer, €7.95.

This germ-killing machine is packed with aloe and witch hazel, and leaves hands feeling smooth and soft, which I definitely wasn't expecting from an ingredient list that includes alcohol. 
The formula is natural and paraben-free, and thankfully the light scent is really quite inoffensive.

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