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It's remarkable. No matter how dodgy his facial hair is or how many bad perfume ads he makes, it's impossible not to love the Brad.
It's remarkable. No matter how dodgy his facial hair is or how many bad perfume ads he makes, it's impossible not to love the Brad.
Brad Pitt says his biggest role is being father to six children.
Ruth Griffin. Photo: Naomi Gaffey
Tom Ford Oud Wood Aftershave
YSL Tuxedo
Jo Malone's Orris and Sandalwood
Christian Dior's Fahrenheit
Pestle and Mortar Hydrate Facial Moisturiser
Context Intensive Daily Moisturiser €35 and Vitamin C Eye Cream €30
Kiehl's Facial Fuel No Shine Lip Balm €10.50
Dr. Murad Environmental Shield Intensive Vitamin C Peel
Gillette Mach 3 Razors €11.99
Pink and Blue razors

Ruth Griffin

I'll admit I've stolen many gorgeous things from my dad's wardrobe over the years. When looking for an oversized, slouchy cashmere jumper or brushed cotton T-shirt, I've definitely dipped into his closet for a rummage. I also permanently borrowed my dad's vintage watch from the 1960s. But with Father's Day today - and as Francis of Assisi wrote, "it is in the joy of giving that we receive" - I think it may be time to give something back.

Father's Day will see lots of gifts handed over to well-deserving, sleep-deprived dads across the country. With aftershave and male grooming products being one of the most popular Father's Day gift options, I can imagine all the storage-starved couples battling for extra territory in the bathroom cabinet to accommodate these extra supplies.

We have a growing movement towards gender neutrality in clothing, interiors and even children's' toys - why not in personal care products? Unisex scents and skincare lines take a pragmatic and no-nonsense approach to personal care which eliminates having double the amount of products in your home.

Yet while I've never quibbled about wearing men's clothes or accessories, in truth I've never really thought about buying men's grooming/skincare lines. However, studies have shown that many male and female grooming products are essentially the same product (just different scents) with the female versions being, by and large, more expensive. So read on to find out about the gift options you can choose this Father's Day, with the added bonus being that you can enjoy them yourself.

Makes scents

Some of the most popular unisex scents that will make great Father's Day presents - and you can dip into them too!

Tom Ford Oud Wood


Oud is one of the most rare and expensive scent ingredients, beloved by both men and women. This rich, smoky scent is actually an aftershave but has proved to be a really popular scent option for women.

Tom Ford Oud Wood Aftershave €182, Brown Thomas



CK One was the original unisex scent and proved to be a ground-breaking concept with its launch in the early '90s. It has been revisited and updated in its newest offering - CK2 is a super fresh, citrusy, gender-neutral, light scent.

CK2, €67, pharmacies and department stores nationwide

YSL Tuxedo


This is a luxurious, rich, deep, unisex scent that fades beautifully. The unusual combination of patchouli and cardamom makes for a perfect mix of masculine and feminine.

YSL Tuxedo, €240, available from

Jo Malone Orris and Sandalwood


Jo Malone scents are designed to be worn by both sexes. One of the most popular scents beloved by both men and women is Orris and Sandalwood.

Jo Malone's Orris and Sandalwood, €130; Lime, Basil and Mandarin, €105, both Brown Thomas

Christian Dior Fahrenheit


My personal favourite aftershave that I've worn on and off over the years as my own scent. It's quite an Oriental, spicy scent that I think is a gorgeous option for both men and women.

Christian Dior's Fahrenheit, €62.50, Brown Thomas


The Oscar-nominated actor has been very open about his favourite role to date - being dad to his six children with Angelina Jolie saying: "Sleep is non-existent. It's chaos at times, but there's such joy in the house".

Five of the best: Males products for women

Skin Peel


This glycolic acid exfoliator with vitamin C and citrus is perfect for male and female skin re-finishing - it's especially good at getting rid of pigmentation. The clear colour of the peel may spare some macho blushes as it is invisible once applied. For use once a week. Murad Environmental Shield Intensive Vitamin C Peel, €65,

Close Shave


Female razors are more expensive than men's - up to 78pc more - so I just buy men's razors and blades and find them brilliant. My favourite is Gillette Mach 3 Razors, €11.99, pharmacies nationwide

Lip It


This lip balm from Kiehl's Men's Facial Fuel line is actually gorgeous for women too. If you're looking for hydrated lips without the goo this is ideal as there is no glossy finish. Kiehl's Facial Fuel No Shine Lip Balm, €10.50

Unisex Skincare


The male creator of this new unisex skincare brand found himself buying women's premium skincare for his own skincare needs, and saw an opening in the market for a gender-neutral, quality skincare line. Try the Context Intensive Daily Moisturiser, €35 and Vitamin C Eye Cream, €30,

Irish Beaut


This Irish beauty brand is making waves internationally for its top quality, neutrally packaged skincare. Try the Pestle and Mortar Hydrate Facial Moisturiser, €48,, department and Avoca stores nationwide

Did you know?

Recent studies from Europe and America (covering over 800 products) have shown that women pay more on female-marketed consumer goods in comparison to equivalent (and sometimes identical) male products. This gender-based pricing strategy is described as the "pink tax".

Of all the industries analysed, personal care and beauty products resulted in the most price discrepancies.

Women can pay between 7-78pc more on female personal care products than men.

Boots announced a customer price promise to not raise prices on beauty products marketed for women that have been shown to be the exact same formula as the men's' products, just made in different colours.


Women can pay more for female-marketed razors (78pc more), deodorant (10pc more), shaving foam (16pc more), facial moisturisers (59pc more) and hair care products (38pc more). Ladies, maybe it's time to check out the men's products for the above?

Men have more sebaceous glands, so if you suffer from oily skin, men's skincare lines may actually suit you better. They also make excellent primers for under make-up if you're prone to excess shine. Try Clarin's Ant-Wrinkle Formula for Oily Skin, €54.

Some great unisex skincare lines worth checking out are Dermalogica, REN, Vaseline, The Body Shop and Aveda.

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