Friday 20 October 2017

Nicole Scherzinger reveals the beauty products she can’t live without

Nicole Scherzinger celebrated her birthday with a night out in Las Vegas
Nicole Scherzinger celebrated her birthday with a night out in Las Vegas
MAC Lipglass is one of Nicole's favourite products.
Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat, €35. A beauty icon, Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat is make-up bag essential for women the world over, and is considered by many as the original and best under-eye concealer.

X Factor judge says her concealer is a "life saver".

The flawless star's secret to looking immaculate is Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Éclat Complexion Highlighter. Nicole says the iconic make-up item is her must-have product and says it helps her to look instantly perky when her skin is feeling tired.

"It’s a life saver," Nicole revealed to Grazia magazine. "It can make you look refreshed in an instant."

While Nicole raves about her concealer hero product she also firmly states how she avoids thick on her lips. To achieve her shiny pout, Nicole chooses Mac's tinted Lipglass instead which she explains gives her a superstar smile without feeling heavy on her face.

"I love MAC lipglosses as they’re light and not at all gloopy!" Nicole gushed. "I am also a really big fan of Stila Convertible Colour as these as they can be used on lips, eyes and cheeks so you don’t have to pack lots of products in to your makeup bag. They’re great and perfect for travelling!"

The singer says the secret to looking good is much more simple than people think. Nicole insists the magic formula is rest and rehydration rather than expensive creams.

"I think the key is really basic, sleep and drink lots of water," Nicole continued. "You need to keep your skin hydrated and it’s really important to take your make up off at night because that is when the skin repairs itself."

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