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The hairstyles Irish men will be falling for in 2016 

Paul Galvin wears: 100pc cotton Oxford-weave shirt with standing mandarin collar and side pockets, €45
Paul Galvin wears: 100pc cotton Oxford-weave shirt with standing mandarin collar and side pockets, €45
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Caitlin McBride

We’re in the midst of a revolution when it comes to men’s grooming.

We’ve moved on from the metrosexual styles of the late noughties and the hipster cuts of recent years and we’re going back to basics. It’s all about the throwback to the ‘20s (think Brad Pitt in Fury) with a classic pompadour with side part coming out on top. We spoke to Sam Donnelly, Master Barber and co-owner of Sam’s Barbers and Stylist at Dylan Bradshaw Erick Burkenshaw to get the lowdown on what to expect in 2016.

1. Brad Pitt and Don Draper are hair kings


“Our male clients are opting for 1920’S Classic Gents Cuts with a take on the quiff - look to the cast from Mad Men for inspiration,” Burkenshaw says.

Sam echoes his statement, saying: “I would predict a lot of scissors work coming back. Right now, it’s a lot of the classic Paul Weller side cut – the classic pompadour and the side part. Sometimes, actors might change their hair for a movie role and all of a sudden, it becomes popular. It’s the classic Brad Pitt look in Fury. We’ve seen a lot of demand for a slick style over the last few years – think Mad Men and Suits – with very neat side parts. David Beckham is even sporting a variation of the pompadour, which will keep that style current.”


2. Say goodbye to the quiff


The quiff as we know it will be slowly fazed out over the coming months.  Erick says: “I think that the quiff is here to stay a little longer although gents will be able to style it differently. I think the classic quiff is gone.”


3. Long hair is the future


“A lot of my barbers are starting to grow their hair,” Sam says. “I’m not saying it’s going to be in today, but that’s what I would see in the future. There’s a big factor to guys growing their hair out – product is huge. The barber has never taken much heed to it and now a lot of the product companies are looking into investing into the gents hairstyling products. It’ll be so much to grow their hair out, so they can use the proper products.”


4. The beard is here to stay


“I think beards are here to stay but more well-groomed and tapered,” Erick says. “Men need to stay away from the wild and overgrown look and remember that as long as it suits the shape of your face, it works!”

Sam seconds this, saying the beard “isn’t fading away” anytime soon.  ”It’s a part of life. It’s gone beyond a fashion statement - it’s not a hipster thing anymore.”

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