Saturday 23 September 2017

Five people who made it without falling back on their looks

Wayne Rooney

They say football is the beautiful game but Rooney's face tells a different story. Still, Shrek isn't worried, not when he's one of the world's best players.

Andrew Lloyd Webber

When you're worth €796m who cares if you look like Mr Toad from The Wind and the Willows?

Susan Boyle

Dubbed the Hairy Angel, Su-Bo's performance on Britain's Got Talent proved you don't have to be attractive to have a beautiful voice.

Keith Richards

The Rolling Stone was more than satisfied with his appearance. He said: "I'm an ugly son of a b****, but I've lived with some beautiful women."

Steve Buscemi

Immortalised in the Coen Brothers' Fargo as "funny lookin'". Buscemi's too busy being an in-demand actor to worry about his pug-faced looks.

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