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What I eat in a day: Model and fitness guru Maeve Madden

Published 03/03/2016 | 09:08

Maeve Madden/Instagram
Maeve Madden/Instagram
Maeve Madden/Instagram
Maeve Madden. Picture: Instagram
Maeve Madden/Instagram
Maeve Madden/Instagram
Maeve Madden/Instagram
Maeve Madden/Instagram
Maeve Madden/Instagram
Maeve Madden/Instagram

If you're into fitness, you likely follow Maeve Madden.

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She's the London based Irish model/fitness fanatic, who is making a lucrative living out of sharing her insider knowledge on getting a six-pack - either at home or in the gym. Here is her day on a plate:

How do you start your day?

I start the day waking up to a large glass of water and fresh lemon. I then go for a brisk walk to Starbucks and grab a coffee (either an Americano or a cappuccino) and I always get full fat milk. My morning breakfast would be either gluten free oats with egg whites and almond milk; eggs on rye bread with avocado and tomato or boiled eggs and asparagus. I find it important to start the day with protein – it’s super filling and it stops me from snacking throughout the day. I regularly post my favourite breakfast bowls on my blog,


Do you prep your meals fresh or freeze them on a Sunday?

I wouldn’t say I love to cook but I do enjoy making my own meals when I’m trying to hit a specific goal. I'm definitely not a fan of food prepping though.  I know a lot of people who swear by it, but to be honest, I enjoy living a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle. I’m not a body builder and I’m not prepping for a competition, so I don’t feel it’s necessary. When I eat good, I feel good.


I like to cook my food fresh and at my own meal times.   I actually share most of my meals and how I cook them on my Snapchat (Maeve_Madden) because by the time I’ve finished cooking dinner, I’m so hungry I can’t be bothered to start taking pictures or food styling it for a blog post. 

How many meals do you eat per day?


It really varies from day to day, depending on how intensely I’ve worked out.   I always have three full meals a day. I take protein shakes after my work out, using either vegan vanilla from Neat Nutrition or blueberry protein by Super Vitality. I rarely skip my breakfast and if I do, everyone will certainly know about it, I’m not nice when I’m hungry …

What would be your staple breakfast, lunch and dinner?

I like to mix it up, but this week I have been munching on these dishes:

Breakfast: 1/2 cup of oats, 4tbsp egg whites, 100ml Rude Health Almond Milk, optional 1/2 scoop protein powder .


Lunch: Chicken chopped salad, with quinoa or sweet potato or a smoothie bowl.


Dinner: King prawns or spicy tuna with broccoli; grilled courgette and peppers, healthy slaw, and a big helping of Franks Red Hot Sauce - I love the stuff! 


How often do you work out?

I work out at least 5 days per week. I find it hard to sit at home and rest and I get restless resting.  I think of my workouts like important meetings scheduled into my day, it only takes up 60 - 90 minutes of your day. When you think about it, I’d think nothing of watching five hours of House of Cards on Netlix, so I think I can make the time to become a fitter, stronger me.

On days you exercise, how does your diet differ than normal?


On my really heavyweight days, I will have a protein shake after my workout and I usually mix that with a handful of spinach, water and ice.  If I feel like snacking, I love the 2% total yoghurt pots or skyr pots, which are really high in protein. Alternatively, I’ll have a handful of almonds or walnuts. If I’m on the go, I’ll have a bounce ball, which are pretty bad, but good for a sugar cravings.

When you’re out for dinner, where do you frequent and what would be your ‘usual’ order?


When I’m out for dinner, I want to enjoy myself. I don’t hold back unless I’m wearing a crop top and don’t want to be bloated.  I have a really sensitive stomach and am prone to bloat due to gluten and dairy intolerances. If I want a big juicy steak or a burger, then that is what I’ll have; but I usually will go for fish because sushi is my favourite. I’m lucky because London has some amazing sushi restaurants including Zuma, Nobu and Novikov.

What about takeaways?

London also has some great healthy eateries which have different delivery options like The Good Life Eatery, Grace, Jaks and Tanya’s Cafe are a few of my go-to healthy take away options. If I’m shooting in Dublin, I always pop into Alchemy in BT2 for a fresh smoothie and salad.

Are you completely opposed to sweet treats or do you allow yourself a cheat day?

Allow myself? I think I have too many! As I said, I’m not a body builder – I’m not on a diet, I just love to lead a healthy lifestyle.

I don’t eat chocolate every day, but I’ll indulge in a few sweet treats at least once a week. Revels, Oreo cookies and peanut M&Ms are my favourites.  Also, Sainsbury’s have cookies from their Be Good To Yourself range, which I love.


I don’t mind indulging every now and again and I enjoy delicious beverages (and champagne). I’m not focused on being super skinny or super toned - my goal is to lead a healthy, consistent lifestyle that makes me happy. I’m not trying to look perfect, I just want to feel better, look good and know that I’m happy and healthy..

How much water do you drink and do you take any supplements?


My morning ritual is to start the day with at least a pint of water and fresh lemon. I drink at least three litres of water per day. When I’m working out, I’m constantly refilling my water bottle. Staying hydrated boosts energy levels improves your workouts. Often when we think we’re hungry, we’re just dehydrated. When I’m bored, I always try to drink a large glass of water before snacking, it’s important to know the difference between hunger and thirst.

What supplements do you take?

I use Neat Nutrition vegan protein; Super Vitality blueberry protein; Protein World coconut oil; Seven Seas cod liver oil tablets, peppermint tablets to help control my bloats, Bootea Teatox 28days once every three months and Nutri Advanced BCAA tablets for my pre-workout.

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