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#TrainLikeAnAngel: What it really takes to get ready for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Published 10/11/2015 | 10:52

Izabel Goulart walks the runway at the 2013 Victorias Secret Fashion Show
Alessanda Ambrosio/Instagram
Gigi Hadid during her Victoria's Secret Fashion Show audition
Gigi Hadid/Instagram
Adriana Lima walks the runway at the 2013 Victorias Secret Fashion Show
Izabel Goulart/Instagram
Alessandra Ambrosio walks the runway at the 2013 Victorias Secret Fashion Show
Shanina Shaik

It's that time of year again.

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The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will take place in New York tonight with some of the world's most famous supermodels strutting their perfectly toned figures on the catwalk. But what does it really take to get ready for the most watched lingerie event of the year?


Alessandra Ambrosio


Status: Angel

Age: 34

One of the longest reigning Angels, Alessandra relies on high intensity pilates and Soul Cycle spinning classes for her toned physique. For leg toning, she wears five-pound ankle weights on each leg, getting on all fours and kicking each heel up toward the ceiling completing three sets of 20.



Adriana Lima


Status: Angel

Age: 34

Adriana has always been the most honest about getting ready for the biggest lingerie spectacle of the year. In 2011, she revealed she works out twice a day and drinks only protein shakes for nine days and a gallon of water daily before the show. For 48 hours before, she fasts entirely. This year, she’s been boxing twice daily.



Gigi Hadid


Status: Newbie

Age: 20

New to this year’s show, Gigi has been hitting the gym daily and boxing twice a day in the run up to tonight’s show. Fans of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will have seen that her mother Yolanda Foster taught her about portion control and cutting out sugar, alcohol in the early days of her modelling career.



Shanina Shaik

Shanina Shaik.jpg

Status: Returning model

Age: 24

Shanina will be returning to the catwalk this year and has been #TraningLikeAnAngel since she was confirmed for a comeback. She also swears by pilates and boxing and takes it up a notch the night before the show. “My workout intensity and frequency increases as it gets closer to show time,” she said. “I spend more time in the gym with my trainer and really work on toning exercises rather than cardio. I cut out carbs 3 days before the show as well. Working up a sweat the night before the show gives me a lot of energy the next day."



Izabel Goulart


Status: Returning model

Age: 31

Izabel is clearly a fitness fanatic and is a dab hand at everything from yoga, pilates, TRX and good old fashioned running. r"I do not believe in crazy diets that help you lose many kilos in just a few days. This is not good for your body. "The first thing I do in the morning is prepare fresh juice. I have 15 different recipes, which I drink for 15 days consecutively. Then I repeat the recipes from the beginning for the next 15 days of the month."

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