Wednesday 23 August 2017

This simple trick will stop your thighs chafing in the heat

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Rachel Hosie

It is the scourge of women the world over. Or at least in places where the temperature reaches 25 degrees.

It’s hot, so obviously you’re wearing a dress, shorts or skirt and bare legs. But as you walk, friction between your thighs and the heat of the day results in the inevitable: the dreaded chafing.

Some people call it ‘chub rub,’ but if your thighs touch - which is the case for the majority of women - chafing is unavoidable.

It’s also incredibly painful. You’re often left with a rash which can cause discomfort every time you take a step for days.

But what can you do? Wear tights all summer long? No thanks.

Whilst various specialist products and undergarments have been created, there’s actually a much simpler solution: roll-on deodorant.

It’s a life-changing trick.

Simply roll deodorant on to your inner thighs in the morning and hey presto, chafing be gone.

It acts as a lubricant and is also delightfully soothing if you’ve already developed sore skin. Your thighs will simply glide past each other like a dolphin darting through the sea.

It even works once the deodorant has dried.

You may need to reapply over the course of the day, but should be fine for a few hours at a time at least.

"Roll-on deodorant is a total game-changer," 25-year-old Londoner Martha told The Independent. "Chafing was honestly the bane of my life before I learned this trick. It's the best life hack I've ever experienced."

Farewell, chub rub. Hello, dolphin.

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