Saturday 29 April 2017

Fight the dimples: Five simple tips to banish cellulite

Freya Drohan

Freya Drohan

Up to 95% of women suffer from the dreaded orange peel, here’s how to tackle it head on.

According to dermatologists, almost every woman on the planet suffers from dimpled skin in some form.

There are actually three different types of cellulite;  Adipose (firm); Oedematous (soft) and fibrotic (hard, compact cellulite).

There are also different scales of cellulite from Grade 1 (not visible) to Grade 4 (visible when standing or lying down).

Contrary to popular belief, even thin people get cellulite, as it is often hereditary.

As the rippled skin is usually found in the areas with least circulation it is hard to budge it without a concentrated effort.

It can, however, be tackled with the help of increased activity, skin warming exercises and diet modifications.

The following five methods and tips are proven to reduce the appearance of the “cottage cheese effect”.

Body Brushing

If you don’t already body brush regularly- start immediately.

Daily brushing of the thighs will increase fat dispersion and give skin a more even finish.

body brushing.jpg

Anti Cellulite Products

There is a myriad of lotions and potions available on the market. When purchasing, look for the following ingredients: centella asiatica (restore elasticity), ginkgo biloba (oxidises fat cells) and methyl nicotinate (reduces liquid retention).

Tip: Apply anti-cellulite creams after exercising for best results.


To help prevent and reduce cellulite, it is imperative to cut down on the following food stuffs-

refined and processed foods, dairy and high fat products, sugar and high sugar products.

Smoking and alcohol also worsen cellulite as they pump toxins into the body.

Increasing your protein intake can help absorb excess fluid, and thereby reduce the appearance of cellulite.

You should be aiming for three portions of fish, poultry, pulses or beans per day.

Bulking your diet with fibre rich vegetables will also benefit your body.



The benefits of drinking six to eight glasses of water per day are plentiful.

Make a committed effort to increasing your water intake and you should see your skin appearing plumper within a week.


Quite literally- get off your bum!

Running, swimming and brisk walking are the best form of exercises for increasing blood circulation and loosening the fat tissue, which help banish cellulite.

Cardio and daily stretching will also help target the problem.


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