Thursday 19 October 2017

Bargain beauty buys

NYC's Metro Quartet Eyeshadow
NYC's Metro Quartet Eyeshadow
White musk breeze

Sinead Van Kampen

These days you don't have to spend the earth to look gorgeous. At Independent Woman, we've been casting around the beauty aisles looking for the best in purse-friendly beauty bargains.

Rimmel - Stay Matte Foundation

With the promise of 12-hour shine correction for €7.42, Rimmel's Stay Matte is becoming a perfect beauty basic. As the latest addition to the Rimmel family, the price belies the charms within - think extracts of cucumber, cotton and chamomile all helping to calm and clarify.

Stay Matte works for the price, but the main reason we think it's such a bargain is you get the three things you really need from a foundation - good coverage, good blending and a silky smooth finish.


Maybelline - Falsies volume express

Lashings of lashes seem to be a everywhere at the moment. If you don't fancy the inconvenience or expense of heading down to a brow bar for a falsies fix, maybe it's time for Maybeline. Their falsies mascarra is the next best thing to troublesome stick-ons and you can max the lash to your heart's content without turning into one of those high-maintenance sort of girls! Enriched with pro-Keratin for a boost of protein, one fell swoop will give you a full set of voluminous lashes from corner to corner for a bargain €12.39.

NYC's Metro Quartet Eyeshadow

NYC has been an instant hit since it launched in Ireland last year and if you have come across it, you'll know why. Sailing into our bargain beauty corner is the Quartet Eyeshadow palette (€4.57) in Union Square which features four staple shades from beige to brown. Perfect for everyone from the smokey-eyed seductress to Miss Efficiency at the office.

White musk breeze

Spending a fortune and coming up smelling of roses is one thing, but there's always something that can be re-used and The Body Shop may have found it in the reworking of an old favourite - white musk. Not as strong as it used to be, the new take on an old staple gives a lighter fragrance with some nice citrus notes. It feels summery and light so of course people will ask where you got it - at €16.50 you can face them down with the gory bargain details or keep to yourself the secrets of your 'scentsess' - are you the sort to kiss and tell!

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