Friday 26 December 2014

Barack Obama "I love Michelle Obama and I love her bangs!"

Published 21/01/2013 | 14:36

The First Lady unveiled her new look last week

Bangs, known as the humble 'fringe' this side of the pond, are back grabbing the headlines again.

Last night, ahead of his second inauguration ceremony, Barack Obama opened his speech with "I love Michelle Obama, and to address the most significant event of this weekend, I love her bangs."

"I'm delivering another speech tomorrow," the US President went on to say, "so tonight I'm going to be pretty brief because there's a limited amount of good lines and you don't want to use them all up tonight."

But his beauty one-liner sealed his approval of the hair trend sweeping the globe.

It's no coincidence that Michelle chose to make perhaps her boldest hair statement yet - not to mention the most age defying cut - as she turned 49 on Thursday. The style has already won headlines and praise for fellow style icon, the Duchess of Cambridge, and numerous other celebrities from Karlie Kloss to Kim Kardashian (though in fairness, hers was clip-in).

Fashion aside (it's fresh off the spring summer catwalks at Burberry, DVF and Balenciaga this season) Michelle Obama just put the fringe back in power for another well tressed term.

Her switch from her loose signature bob to the new high maintenance chunky fringe also takes the attention off those arms - her other crowning beauty glory that inspired women the world over to start toning their triceps and biceps. So for all the hours she'll now have to spend every week perfecting her new hair (it's a whole lot more high maintenance) she won't have quite as much time to spend working in the gym. That's beauty maths, ladies.

By Katy Young,

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