Sunday 24 September 2017

Video: Denis Leamy and Mike Catt combine to unite Ireland and England fans before grudge match

There might not be a greater rivalry in rugby than Ireland v England but two legendary internationals managed to get fans to put their passions to one side and unite in the name of lager.

In a video produced by Heineken, the taps run dry in a pub full of Irish and English supporters and the only way to turn them back on is to produce an earthshaking roar. Neither set of fans can do it alone, and that is when Mike Catt and Denis Leamy come in. The former utility back and back row urge the supporters to combine their vocal strength and as a result, there is a pint for everyone in the audience.

The stunt was created to launch Heineken Rugby Club, a place which inspires and enables rugby supporters to use the game as an opportunity to open their world. Heineken Rugby Club brings fans together in celebrating and sharing the unique sociability that rugby, and rugby supporters, display. Fans are asked to join by visiting

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