Friday 24 October 2014

Video: Daniel Sturridge surprises schoolkids and teaches them dance moves

Published 07/04/2014 | 14:47

Daniel Sturridge showed some very young kids his dance moves

Daniel Sturridge has "schooled" a fair few Premier League defenders this season. But now the Liverpool striker has gone back to the classroom to spring a surprise on a group of unsuspecting pupils.

Known for his trademark dance celebration, Sturridge creeps up behind the youngsters, who are then treated to a dance lesson from their idol.

The school surprise comes after Sturridge last month said he was going to teach supporters how to perform the dance because they were giving him a bad name.

"I’m going to give people a tutorial on it," he said.

"A lot of people are really bad at it – and it’s making me look bad. If somebody does a dance you create, and they do it wrong, it makes you look bad.

"I need to make sure people do it right."

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