Friday 20 October 2017

Paul McGrath

Paul McGrath
Paul McGrath

He began in the League of Ireland as a centre-forward, became one of the finest centre-backs in English football and made his biggest contributions for Ireland in midfield.

Paul McGrath was the player who could do everything, his combination of athleticism, intelligence and bravery the kind of thing which comes along very rarely.

That almost superhuman aura which surrounded McGrath in the green shirt is epitomised by the famous moment during the 1994 World Cup win over Italy when, restored to centre-back, he calmly and forcefully repels three separate attacks in quick succession. And he was beloved, more beloved than any other Irish footballer of his or other generations. People saw him finding on the pitch an order and happiness which eluded him elsewhere in his life. We still wish him well, we will always wish him well.

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