Thursday 24 August 2017

Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor
Katie Taylor

Rising to the pinnacle of your chosen sport takes a great deal of talent. But it takes something really special to become a performer so good you drag the sport up along with you.

That's what Katie Taylor did. Her excellence gave women's boxing the kind of credibility necessary as it pursued a place in the Olympics.

She was the kind of figurehead it needed and, when the sport made its bow at the 2012 London games, there could have been no more fitting gold medallist than the Bray lightweight.

There have also been six European and five World titles and perhaps Taylor's only problem is that she has been so dominant we will probably never learn how she reacts to adversity.

It's not a bad problem to have. Taylor's obvious modesty, courtesy and articulacy have deservedly made her perhaps the most popular sporting figure in the Republic. Everyone likes Katie Taylor. No one can beat her.

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