Thursday 24 August 2017

World Cup Diary: Strikers get into the groove

Footballers dancing for money. What is the world coming to? But don't worry, it's all for a good cause.

You may have noticed the elaborate dancing celebration from South Africa after the opening goal of the competition, executed with a style and rhythm that is a world away from Copperface Jacks.

Ghana's Asamoah Gyan tried to do something similar after his converted penalty against Serbia before his team-mates mobbed him. Turns out that Coca Cola are donating $1,500 to a charity that aims to provide water and flushing toilets to schools in 19 African countries every time a player marks a goal with some kind of jig.

South Africa even prepared for the initiative last month by hiring a choreographer. It is unclear if Emile Heskey has been practising.

Earle axed in mini-dress shame

Quite a memorable front page headline in South Africa's 'The Star' newspaper yesterday. 'Mini-dressed women held' detailed how 36 sexily dressed Dutch women were forced out of Soccer City and held in a FIFA office because the outfits in question were sponsored by beer company, Bavaria.

The tale took a twist yesterday when ITV pundit Robbie Earle was sacked when it emerged that the girls were sitting in seats that were supposed to be for the ex-Wimbledon midfielder's friends and family. "A block of ITV tickets would have appear to have been used for unauthorised purposes," read a statement from the company.

It's not the first time Bavaria has caused a stir at a World Cup.

Four years ago, Dutch fans wearing Bavaria-branded lederhosen were told to remove their pants before entering games, which meant the spectre of men wandering around in boxers and briefs.

Sadly, from a male point of view this time round, they didn't pursue a similar policy with the posse of blonde ladies... or make them dance.

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