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10 of the best Suarez 'bitegate' memes

Published 27/06/2014 | 15:24

Luis Suarez's "bitegate" controversy in this years World Cup led to an influx of video and photo memes of the forward across the web.

Suarez's third ban for biting, teamed with several unfortunate photographs of the player with his mouth open have provided the perfect catalyst for Internet gold.

Here are some of the best memes that circulated social media.

1. Suarez' billboard

Luis Suarez (unfortunate) poster campaign for Adidas on Copacabana beach has become a tourist attraction, with people queuing up to get their photos taken with the open-mouth portrait. Most are placing their shoulder in front of his open mouth, in a nod to 'bitegate', but some are putting their whole bodies in there just to mix it up.


2. 'Suarez Bit My Finger'

A creative edit of the YouTube classic 'Charlie Bit My Finger', this video is already on almost 1m views. We kid you not.


3. FIFA "cheat codes"

According to Twitter user @_StrictlySoccer, FIFA "released cheat codes" for biting with Suarez. While they aren't real cheat codes, we're sure someone somewhere will hack the game and make it work (and get 1m views on YouTube).

Not stated whether these pretend cheats are for FIFA 14 or FIFA World Cup but we know which one we'd find funnier.



4. The Suarez Of The Lambs

Another great offering from parody website 'The Poke', 'The Suarez of The Lambs' is another creative edit with a classic - this time, splicing the forward with 'Silence of The Lambs' in the place of Hannibal Lector.


5. Suarez Park

Hey, we didn't say they were all clever.



6. This Snapchat portrait

Look at the careful brushwork.



7. If You Can't Beat Them... Eat Them



8. 'You're Not You When You're Hungry'

This is just one of many, many mashups between Suarez and the Snickers ad campaign 'You're Not You When You're Hungry', from the original catchphrase 'You turn into a right diva when you're hungry' to the adapted 'You turn into a right cannibal when you're hungry'.



9. Suarez' Football Card Collection

Simple yet hilarious.

Football cards.jpg


10. The (inevitable) movie parody posters

It was only a matter of time.



Have we missed any? Tweet us @IndoEnts!


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