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Vine: Manchester United Louis van Gaal thinks Chris Smalling's name is Mike...


Tom Edwards

Published 21/07/2015 | 13:03

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal
Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal

Louis van Gaal forgot Chris Smalling's name and called him 'Mike'.

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The Manchester United coach made his embarrassing gaffe during a press conference while talking about Wayne Rooney.

He said: "I think he is a great captain, better than I had expected and he is fully expected by the players and that is also very important because I can choose but the players decide.

"That’s my philosophy, the players have to accept the captain – the first captain is Wayne Rooney, the second captain is Michael Carrick and last year the third captain was Mr Mike Smalling, sorry, I mean Chris Smalling."

Of course, it is quite possible that he made the mistake because he had just said the word "Michael" a few seconds before.

But couldn't it also be the case that he just loves the name Mike and wishes all of his players were called Mike??


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