Saturday 25 February 2017

Jurgen Klopp to Liverpool: Everyone thinks he will be a success at Anfield, except one...

Jurgen Klopp is expected to be named Liverpool manager today
Jurgen Klopp is expected to be named Liverpool manager today

Jurgen Klopp is on the verge of becoming Liverpool's next manager, a development that just about everyone asked thinks will be a great success for all involved.

The former Borussia Dortmund is in talks with the club and it's expected they will be able to unveil the German coach by the end of the week.

Here, we take a look at those who've been backing the appointment (and in the course of doing so, whipped Liverpool fans into a frenzy), plus one who is taking a more cautious approach...

Joachim Low, Germany manager...

“I think there are strong parallels between Dortmund and Liverpool with the passion and size of their support.

“I think it is a good fit.

“I’m not party to the negotiations between Liverpool and Mr Klopp, so I don’t know how they are progressing, but if an agreement can be reached it will be good for both.

“Mr Klopp, if you look back, was fantastically successful, exceptionally successful at Dortmund. He unleashed a lot of emotion in Dortmund supporters and [he can do the same for Liverpool.]


Mats Hummels, Germany captain...

“There is no doubt he is a fantastic coach, a great coach.”

“When people put their minds to the question about what he is going to do post Dortmund, then clubs like Liverpool had to enter the frame.

“He lives, breaths and thinks football day after day. He is a fantastic addition to any side and I will certainly keep my fingers crossed for the next step in his career.”


Dietmar Hamann, former Liverpool midfielder...

"I know managers always say they know all about the history and tradition of clubs when they arrive, but no-one can really be expected to know that when they first come in.

"It took me maybe six, 12 months to realise exactly what Liverpool was all about.

"When I went to my first Hillsborough memorial service, I started to think a bit deeper about what this club truly means, and what it represents.

"If he gives himself 12 months to take it all in and understand fully what the club and the fans are all about, then I really do believe he can be an immortal at Liverpool.

"Jurgen is a top-class manager, and he has the passion to connect to the people."


Stefan Effenberg, former Germany international and friend of Klopp...

“Liverpool is one of the greatest atmospheres. It’s pretty much the same as Dortmund.

“The fans stay with everything behind the club and this is what Jurgen Klopp likes and what he needs."

Robbie Fowler, former Liverpool striker...

"My personal opinion is he's a very good manager.

I don't know him as a man, I've never met him. Looking at him from an outsider I was impressed with his performances over Germany for Dortmund. That's all it is."


Michael Owen, former Liverpool striker...

“His appointment would certainly excite the Liverpool fans who had become so disillusioned with Rodgers and in this day and age their part in the whole process cannot be over-estimated.

He would bring a burning desire to succeed and to take the club from their true position of 'top six' to right back in the mix for winning the title and where finishing top four is a given every season.”


Jamie Carragher, former Liverpool defender...

"It's a difficult job now at Liverpool, getting back into the top four. Forget talking about the title. I think it needs someone with that energy and drive to get the club back to where it wants to be, and I think Jurgen Klopp is that man."

SOCCER Gerr_27.jpg  

Graeme Souness, former Liverpool player and manager...

"Klopp might be a better fit (than Ancelotti). At Dortmund, they continually lost their better players at the end of each season. So he might be a better fit, coming in and working with younger players."  

Jamie Redknapp, former Liverpool midfielder...

"I think that Jurgen Klopp has that aura about him. He has that special something that some managers have.

"I think he could walk into Anfield and the fans would like that. I've got a feeling that he would be the perfect fit for them. The fact that he's available now makes me think they'll go for Klopp.

"Obviously he'll want to bring his own staff in. It's difficult because you do need someone who understands the club and knows the fabric of how the club works. But I would certainly look at Jurgen Klopp."


AND FINALLY ONE WHO'S NOT SO SURE: Oliver Kahn, former goalkeeper and Germany captain...

"The question is always a bit about the language barrier.

"From the technical side of things, there is nothing to think about.

"I'd absolutely trust him to have no big problem with English, but sometimes, as far as motivating a team goes, there are subtleties in the team language and whether he already has those subtleties remains to be seen."


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