Thursday 19 October 2017

City Wimps v Tough Toffees

There were two approaches to dealing with the -8C temperatures at Eastlands on Monday night.

First was the Manchester City way, which was to snood up, pop on some tights, be unable to move due to the amount of donned clothing and go 2-0 down inside 20 minutes.

The second, the Everton way, was to wear short-sleeved shirts and run around like billyo to try to keep warm and go 2-0 up as a result.

Manchester City's

dress code

Short-sleeves, long-sleeve undergarments, snoods, gloves and tights: Mario Balotelli; Yaya Toure.

Short-sleeves, long-sleeve undergarments, snoods and gloves: Carlos Tevez; David Silva.

Short-sleeves, long-sleeve undergarments and gloves: Adam Johnson; Pablo Zabaleta.

Short-sleeves and gloves: Kolo Toure.

Short-sleeves and long-sleeve undergarment: Jo.

Short-sleeves only: James Milner; Aleksandar Kolarov; Gareth Barry; Vincent Kompany.

Long-sleeve goalkeeper jersey: Joe Hart.

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