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Mutual respect between United legends Keane and Ronaldo

Published 30/04/2014 | 16:20

Pic Credit: Twitter/@redarmynewsindo
Ronaldo and Roy Keane at the Allianz Arena - Pic Credit: Twitter/@redarmynewsindo

Ronaldo and Roy Keane shared a moment in full glare of the cameras last night, two men with huge respect and admiration for one another.

Keane was pitchside at the Allianz Arena on ITV duty last night, heaping praise on Ronaldo, saying the £80m fee forked out by the Spanish giants looks “cheap”.

The Portuguese star caught the eye of his former captain and the cameras went into overdrive as the two men embraced.

Mutual respect was clearly evident for the two men who shared two full campaigns together in Manchester.

The Irishman admitted to handing the young star some harsh lessons on the training pitch when he arrived first, for the benefit of the player and the club.

United only won the FA Cup, a 3-0 win over Millwall during their short time together, but Ronaldo has spoken previously of the mark left by Keane. Not just physical marks either it must be noted.

“This boy with that much talent, £80m looks cheap for him” Keane enthused as Ronaldo hit his 15th and 16th goals for the campaign, a new record for the competition.

Few players have worn the United jersey with such distinction, though in very different ways.

The Madrid attacker and Ireland assistant manager reserve praise and acknowledgement for the few deserving of it, making the gesture all the more compelling.

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