Monday 26 June 2017


Next Friday

Armenia v Rep of Ireland, Andorra v Russia, Slovakia v Macedonia

Sept 7

Rep of Ireland v Andorra, Russia v Slovakia, Macedonia v Armenia

Oct 8

Rep of Ireland v Russia, Armenia v Slovakia, Andorra v Macedonia

Oct 12

Slovakia v Rep of Ireland, Macedonia v Russia, Armenia v Andorra

Mar 26, 2011

Rep of Ireland v Macedonia, Andorra v Slovakia, Russia v Armenia

June 4

Macedonia v Rep of Ireland, Armenia v Russia, Slovakia v Andorra

Sept 2

Rep of Ireland v Slovakia, Andorra v Armenia, Russia v Macedonia

Sept 6

Russia v Rep of Ireland, Slovakia v Armenia, Macedonia v Andorra

Oct 7

Andorra v Rep of Ireland, Slovakia v Russia, Armenia v Macedonia

Oct 11

Rep of Ireland v Armenia, Russia v Andorra, Macedonia v Slovakia

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