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Friday 20 October 2017

Five Christmas presents that football fans might want to avoid this Christmas

The West Ham onesie
The West Ham onesie
Newcastle United Whey Aye Man
West Brom Onesie
The Liverpool shirt

There are no shortage of Christmas present options for football fans out there this festive season, but here are five are certainly an acquired taste.

Man United Onesie

David Moyes’ side have been accused of being a laughing stock at times by some critical observers, but just wait until they see this onesie.


Newcastle United Whey Aye Man

Newcastle fans tend to shed their clothes rather than put extra on, even in the height of winter, so we don’t know how popular the Whey Aye Man superhero outfit has fared out on Tyneside.


West Brom Onesie

Whatever about the merits of a onesie, the colour scheme lends itself to something with more in common to a convict that a child’s outfit.


Liverpool Shirt

The footballing fashionistas might have something to say about this garment. While Anfield is clear for all to see, the shirt is unlikely to ever be seen on the catwalks of Milan. And not just because they are bitter over the Champions League defeat.


West Ham Onesie

Another Premier League onesie and though the players seem to enjoy wearing them, we can’t be sure that reflects the supporters opinions.

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