Wednesday 16 August 2017

Bendtner's free pizza demands fall flat despite 'arrogant' boast

"Don't you know who I am?" Nicklas Bendtner asked the pizza man.

The pizza man would have been excused for answering in the negative, given Bendtner's career trajectory, but even after recognising the Sunderland striker -- yesterday arrested by police investigating an alleged car-wrecking spree in Newcastle -- he refused to give in to his demands for free pizza.

The episode, caught on a camera phone in a Copenhagen pizzeria, took place after Bendtner's credit card was declined while he was trying to pay for food for his friends.

When the cashier made it clear to the 23-year-old that he would not receive any preferential treatment, Bendtner replied: "Don't you know who I am? I can buy the whole pizzeria."

Another customer later said: "He was f***ing arrogant, acting as if he owned the place."

A reaction he should be used to by now, perhaps. But eventually, two female customers came to his rescue and picked up his bill.

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