Tuesday 22 August 2017

Ski slope was properly marked out say Schumacher investigation

A file shot of Michael Schumacher. Photo: Reuters
A file shot of Michael Schumacher. Photo: Reuters
Declan Whooley

Declan Whooley

French authorities investigating Michael Schumacher's accident have confirmed that their investigation is progressing well and said the ski slope was properly marked out according to regulation standards.

The Authorities have yet to determine what speed the German was travelling at when he went off piste and hit a rock.

It was confirmed that accident was not caused by his skis - investigators say they were in perfect condition. and that any damage was due to an accident.

"It was speed of a very good skier on a fairly hard terrain."

"He was cornering to reduce his speed a little bit."

Schumacher was descending to the point of an intersection between a red and blue piste, where he followed red and went off piste before hitting a rock.

The Formula One legend was nine metres from the marked piste when he hurt himself, with prosecutor keen to stress Schumacher was "clearly a very good skier."

Investigators confirmed no information that the accident was captured on mobile phone, and are unsure it even exists.

"We will be looking at what happened from a factual and legal basis."

"The helmet camera evidence will be crucial"

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