Monday 20 October 2014

Pictures: Infamous Pitch Brawls


Francis Lee v Norman Hunter

English Division 1, Baseball Ground, Derby, November 1975

Hunter's hard man reputation did not put off the smaller, but equally aggressive Francis Lee when they clashed during a First Division match between Derby and Leeds.

After exchanging blows on the pitch, the ex-England internationals were both sent off. But, with Lee feeling that he still had a score to settle, the pair traded punches all the way up the tunnel, relenting briefly only when they were joined by both sets of players.

The game featured on BBC's Match of the Day.

Kevin Keegan v Billy Bremner

Charity Shield, Wembley, August 1974

After being blindsided by Johnny Giles in the Charity Shield, Kevin Keegan thumped Leeds captain Billy Bremner, thinking he was the culprit.

Never one to shy away from a fight, Bremner traded blows with Keegan in a classic 1970s soccer punch-up. The pair got sent off and to show their displeasure at the referee's decision they removed their shirts and flung them to the ground.

Both players were fined £500 and banned for 11 games, eight of which were for the shirt throwing.

Dromid Pearses v Derrytresk

All-Ireland JFC semi-final, O'Moore Park, January 2012

Sunday's All-Ireland junior football championship semi-final in Portlaoise erupted into violence between the sides just before half-time, with spectators joining in from the stands.

The ensuing violence left one player concussed and another with a broken cheekbone.

Dromid Pearses manager Michael Anthony O'Connell accused Derrytresk of employing dirty tactics, saying "three of my players were caught by the testicles."

It is was also claimed that Kerry star Declan O'Sullivan was struck by a handbag while leaving the field.

Derrytresk officials have yet to comment as the GAA investigate the incident.

Following the violence that marred a recent gaelic football match in Portlaoise we take a look back at some high-profile punch-ups from the past.

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