Thursday 24 April 2014

Video: 'Wolf in my hall?!?' Olympic athlete Kate Hansen films animal roaming Sochi hotel

A screen grab from athlete Kate Hansen's filming a wolf wandering through her hotel

Sochi hotels' reputations haven't fared too well so far. After reports of broken showers and unfinished hotel floors, a US luger has caught on camera what appears to be a wolf wandering in her halls.

The 21-year-old Kate Hansen, which is part of the US Olympics team, posted the video to Twitter as well as on YouTube under the username katehansen92. Accompanying the video, she tweeted "Wolf in my hall?!? #SochiProblems #SochiFail".

A big wolf-like animal was filmed by Hansen, who stayed in her room, opening the door just wide enough to catch a glimpse of the big dog walking around the hotel corridor.

She commented on the video on YouTube, stating "I'm pretty sure this is a wolf wandering my hall in Sochi".

On the time of writing, the video had amassed over 20,000 views on the video-sharing site. The athlete posted the video on Twitter at 9 am (5 o'clock GMT).

Comments under the video were skeptical over the nature of the animal, questioning Hansen's labelling of it to be a wolf.

"WolfDOG but not a wolf! Probably crossed with a Czechoslovakian wolfdog or a Saarloos with Husky/Malamute..." observed Djésia Arnone, while commenter SimplyPut7 noted: "I also think it is a dog, the tail curls at the back (0:17), a wolf tail would stay straight down (according to the internet). I would have been hiding in my room too, who knows if this dog is friendly."

TheMistAnchorite commented: "You people have no shame ? it doesnt (sic) matter if it is a wolf or dog, these things must not enter in a hotel ! it looks like an wolf".

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