Thursday 21 September 2017

Greyhound racing

Photo: Paul Mohan/SPORTSFILE
Photo: Paul Mohan/SPORTSFILE


550 – Hangover Dec (2nd hd 30.81 HX), Sandrine (1st 8L 30.07 HX), Benro Ginger (3rd 1L/nk 29.56 HX), Rachels Glen (1st 0.5L 29.39 HX), Aislings Molly (6th 9.5L/nk/hd 28.98 HX), Fane Cutts (1st hd 30.81 HX).

525 – Native Dancer (2nd 8L 29.68 HX), Matthews Pal (2nd 7L 29.69 HX), Mayo Gathering (1st 2L 29.97 DLK), Kylie (3rd 3.0L 29.63 TRL), Hashtag Unreal (3rd 6L/nk 29.7 HX), Bellinter Holly (5th 4.5L 29.91 HX).

525 – Saving Jody (2nd 3.5L 29.57 HX), Express Lee (4th 6.5L 29.75 HX), Sigma Louisa (4th 9.5L 29.39 HX), Coolnagun (4th 6.5L 29.79 HX), Bellacini (4th 8.5L/hd 30.81 HX), Ravenswood Snuff (3rd 6L/hd 30.81 HX).

570 – Master Todd (3rd 4.0L 31.98 HX), Bellinter Prim (3rd 2L/sh 30.72 HX), Elegent Mayo (5th 12.5L 29.39 HX), Abbeyville Joy (3rd 5L 29.45 SP), Aulton Blondie (4th 4.0L 31.04 HX), Solent Chancer (6th 20.5L 29.05 SP).

525 – Jayos Pride (2nd 4.5L 17.98 HX), Highview Option (4th 3L/sh/sh 29.35 HX), Starshinerascal (2nd 2.75L 29.44 DLK), Prince Of Hawks (6th 13.0L 31.42 MGR), Rushwee Record (4th 8L/nk 28.98 HX), Maybe Susan (5th 5.0L/sh 30.63 HX).

525 – Mad Lennon (4th 7.5L/nk 29.46 HX), Rumble Clever (6th 9.5L/nk 29.51 HX), Cryptic Jester (2nd 6L 19.4 MGR), Florence (4th 12.0L 29.3 SP), Glenasmal Queen (3rd 10.0L 29.35 HX), Icecool Pirlo (1st 3L 29.5 HX).

525 – Martinstown Dove (2nd 4L 29.23 LGD), All Star Mayo (3rd 11.25L 28.94 DLK), Floodys Pinto (6th 14.5L 29.3 HX), Pinstriped Gizmo (1st 18.09 HX), Mr Ming (3rd 6L 28.85 NWB), Westmead Pearl (1st 12L 29.33 HX).

525 – Belfry Girl (1st 7L 29.69 HX), Rushwee Hawkeye (4th 3.0L 29.46 HX), Harrys Legacy (5th 3.5L/sh 30.72 HX), Parnell Jack (2nd 2L 29.46 HX), Garryhoe (1st 4L 18.09 HX), Bisto Will (4th 2.5L/nk 29.56 HX).

525 – Rockmount Eagle (2nd 0.5L 29.38 NWB), Blue Bondi (6th 8.0L/hd/sh 29.5 HX), Shanagarry Queen (5th 5.5L 29.53 HX), Royal Lily (4th 3.0L 29.5 HX), Farran Frankie (1st 0.5L 31.98 HX), Glown Clara (1st 3.5L 29.57 HX).

525 – Ballinahown Boy (2nd 2.5L 30.63 HX), Doorock (1st 4.5L 29.21 HX), Abbeyville Perl (1st 2L 29.3 HX), Dynamo Murph (3rd 2L/sh 30.48 HX), Society St Flyer (1st nk 33.79 MGR), Cheese Please (6th 8.0L/nk/hd 29.12 HX).

550 – Emily Next Door (1st 2L 30.36 HX), Head For Fame (3rd 1.5L/sh 30.3 HX), Extreme Heat (2nd 1.5L 30.3 HX), Olivia Jane (5th 6.0L/sh 30.48 HX), Flimsy Truth (1st 2.5L 30.63 HX), Ravenswood Bear (1st 1.5L 30.3 HX).

550 – Abbeyvile Prince (2nd 0.5L 30.21 SP), Floodys Jack (5th 3.5L/nk 30.67 HX), Nadia (1st 0.5L 29.35 HX), Black Hope (4th 3.5L/sh 30.48 HX), Paradise Gilroy (4th 4.5L/sh 30.63 HX), Stano (3rd 2.5L/sh 30.63 HX).

Floating res: Lady Marion, Parnell Lucy, Castlegore Holly, Nannies Plum, Tantallons Lee, Ballymorefin Jet, Minnies Balboni, Mines A Double, Butterbridge Dom, Glenbrack Molly, Park Argento, Manilla Breeze, Turkish Kitty, Norway Bound, Parknahown Betoo, Clonreddan Jean, Mays Necklace, Rockmount Twirl, Black Frankel.


525 – Take Cover, Aglish Dream, Village Blackie, Hilight Bound, Maeves Violet, Cleanaway Boy. 330 – Foggy Dew, Patriot Lady, Ridgedale Del, Gleaming Angus, Vain Ga Ga, Runaway Anna. 525 – My Mistake, Paddock Rock, Random Acts, Best Fit, Black Teak, Calling Hero. 525 – Glenrio, Lahana Dynamo, To Infinity, Coolmakee Mags, Jims Super Pick, Springfort Lass. 330 – Fire To Burn, Matts Berry, Tigers Gang, Goulane Brae, Cash Shaw, Kilmoney Alex. 525 – Sportmans Breeze, Vain Bolt, Tango Tanya, Knockrour Angela, Satin Maude, Barkley. 750 – Arcade Suzy, Friar St Flyer, Tobereen Maryo, Wendy Darling, Adriville Emily, Shebeen Mo Cara. 525 – Rosies Champ, Kizzys Call, Paddock Walker, Game Joan, Lisnadara Lad, Dublin Girl. 525 – Moscow Eagle, Joyous, Galley Flyer, Shark Hunter, Spur Queen Bee, Bright Look. 525 – Ryecourt Molly, Creamery Panther, Ridgedale Look, Southwind Penny, Patient Exile, Ballycowen Hawk. 525 – Watch Out Lilly, Malden Gift, Direct Customer, Paddock Paula, Lahana Amber, Latest Trend.

Floating res: Hurry Up Tommy, Cloyne Trout, Betchers Vera, Lucozade Danni, Lexistar, Marleno Lad, Fagans Bellagio, Billys Star, Hursul Kieran, Boola Road, Broc, Cleanaway Shane, Ryecourt View, Teds Girl, Blew The Lid, Bizzy Katie, Butterbridge Elf, Cyclers Dida, Society Criss, Big Hoss, Jessie Joe, Knotray Chief, Tyrur Tess, Curryhills Jet, Comeout Russell, Fiadh Beag.

DUNDALK (9.40)

525 – Blueview Julia, Mash Ike, Ushers Tim, Colmyard Daisy, Screen Queen, Bloomfield Patch. 350 – Glow Dubh, Gurtnacrehy Duty, Birthday Boy, Windgap Jewel, Ballymoney Nuala, Tamna Betty. 525 – James Patch, Black Hawk Lad, Raheny Rocket, Jetson, Valeries Special, Rosmon Rock. 525 – Twilight Lad, Da Vinci Star, Tom Boy, Ballymac Amanda, Feora Abigail, Bling Bling Mars. 525 – Bloomfield Jill, Ebony Lucy, Tagalong Puyol, Sky Blues Boy, Tamna Yoda, Bens Cosy Two. 400 – Endeavour, Thunder Buddy, Jenny Jump Up, Comic Cuts, Bloomfield Rocky, Golden Panther. 350 – Drowsy Rosie, Cosy Toes, Jaxxy Remix, Manilla Silver, Fergies Loss, Aughanore Walk. 525 – Leggy Lucy, Ickledo Emandem, Wortheverypenny, Loopy Lu, Ladyrath Panther, Drusilla. Floating res: Lonely Ranger, Netherville Hawk, Greenbanks Lad, Courtlough Megan, Cian Tigernal, Geanie Mac, Rock Me Mama, Fergus Run, Eoins Billy, Belmur Nobby, Sparkling Daisy, Tullna Misty, Valeries Angel, Rocking Brae, Goodwill Buddy, Glenvale Biddy, Kays Flier, Sexy Woman, Bruisersmedaddy, Mcgintys Goat, Piccolina Jaxxon, Rampant Razzle, Sol Trouble.

GALWAY (8.07)

525 – Barbersfort Bobo, Lady Midas, Beannacht Breeze, Miss The Style, Erris Lady, Ranchers Moll. 350 – Ballina Loch, Orbsen Sadie, Killanin Shore, College Groom, Rocky Racer, Callura Trend. 525 – Oursortofman, Lasair Dream, Glenside Terry, Orbsen Elaine, Unknown Road, Rackethall Andy. 350 – Bumblebee Rosie, Menlo Folly, Cabriol Prancer, Beannacht Mick, Randy Pa, Wilbrook Fancy. 525 – Bellaghy Girl, Fast Fit Cath, Patsys Simon, Derrylough Even, Rians Bullet, Hollywood Mary. 350 – Kilbannon Bertie, Unknown Suzi, Clombodian, Whatwillyoudo, Randy Jonnie, Mine Lark. 525 – Rocky Dan, Hollywood Lucy, Tintreach Liam, Tomars Leo, Miss The Star, Hold It Heather. 550 – Fast Fit Crash, Kilbannon Brae, Best Majestic, Muloc, Mall Diva, Washpit Blue. 525 – Wilbrook Madness, Hollywood Rocket, Take, Boleyphaudeen, Confused Bigbang, Pats Hero. 525 – Pierview Ruby, Doctor Bill, Tyrur Sonia, Faoie, Hold It Hazard, Tyrur Samson. 550 – Ballinlough Bud, Windfield Lad, Hold It Millie, Mine Emerald, Spot The Move, Willrose Champ. Floating res: Knockdine Zac, Esker Ruby, Unknown Silva, Rineanna Lady, Drumevin Ace, Rathmeehan Kay, Caislean Aoife, Corgrigg Honey, Fairy Prince, For The Gambler, Knockdine Deano, Roscahill Black, Firestorm Puma, Danmar Benny, Unknown Glory, Smurfington Jay.


300 – Pops Tapa, Slaneyside Magee, Tribal Diva, Dublinhill Jack, Sheffield Pearl, Tyrone Beauty. 525 – Heros Delight, Kilgraney Urban, Ratchies Ramirez, Cill Dubh Sky, Katies Chance, Blastoff Minnie. 725 – Gulf Stream, Todays Gold Bars, Step In Henry, Denross Andy, Garryglass Kitty, Mt Leinster Jack. 525 – Knockdrinna Miss, Kildrenagh Mali, Pendle Kate, Larkys Gift, Hedge Your Bet, Johnnys Glory. 525 – Condor Amy, Kells Joy, Deckos Kitty, Blue Ballydaniel, Tribal Pearl, Feed Me Chillies. 525 – Dysert Song, Clonlusk Lass, Baileys Star, Rock Hopper, Mas Hostage, Sandyhill Man. 525 – Wind Him Up, Jolly Roy, Condor Star, Dear Cathy, Feed Me Caviar, Lemon Prince. 725 – Triangle Shiraz, Slaneyside Yank, Tubrid Beauty, Sandyhill Dame, Headway Mossey, Feed Me Oysters. 525 – Random Idea, Bellmore Shelly, Mt Leinster Ash, Feed Me Scallops, Tearaway La, Deenside Hero. 525 – Staplestown Road, Triangle Archie, Ballinattin Ash, Barefoot Agent, Howsyerdaymurt, Droopys Kenzi. Floating res: Marys Molly, Black Winter, Kilara Royalhigh, Rock Maggie, Slaneyside Aine, Invest A Little, Slaneyside Megan, Run Angel Run, Garryglass Daisy, Great Gale, Dean, Sir Rhino, Arrigle Hi, Willmount Silver, Karlow Lucy, Domingo, Luminous Rock, Slaneyside Dave.


525 – Shaneboy Bonnie, Macreese Sal, Mickos Wash, Ballygibbon Golf, Kasey Star, Mongys Girl. 350 – Callyourselfadog, Andys Flyer, Vain Ga Ga, Hi There Andy, Lisroe Choo Choo, White Fairy. 525 – Knockfinisk Gale, Jets Choice, Knockalton Roxy, Inislosky Jacko, Slipaway Dee, Awbeg Carlow. 750 – Nang Nang, Cnoc Lauryn, Treehouse Gang, Christys Velvet, Greenisle King, Toxic Planet. 525 – Boystown Rog, Bona Vacantia, Bit Windy, Camas Orla, Bru Brae, Cashen Warrior. 525 – Clonlusk Crash, Hell To Pay, Fab Phyllis, Clounanna Pixie, Docs Bar, Heroic Endeavour. 750 – Musical Roxy, Royal Crash, Christys Prince, Cherrygrove Cool, Effin Got Talent, Gifted Again. 525 – Skidroes Brother, Keeping Distant, Twilight Sky, Glideaway Marina, Horseleap Lime, Manus Jasper. 525 – Lissatouk Hill, Amigan She Must, Kilcuala Margo, Ballygibba Bush, Sunset Princess, Christys Jade. 525 – Able Was Eye, Cloon Glory, Saint Anthony, In The Meantime, Debonaire, Mad For Money. 550 – Blackabbey Bud, Inislosky Mossy, Knocksouna Lady, Ascot Ace, Clounanna Noel, Kish Chopin. Floating res: Benmore Legend, Ballymac Maryann, Yousonofattack, Fairyfield Park, Airfield Sam, Rathdromin Jean, Messi Marie, Teachers Pet, Rallying Flight, Cute Tapper, Tip And Kid, Stonepark Adored, Bids And Kits, Rathdromin Babe, Boherbradda Road, Our Little Amy, Cnoc Holly, Kavarna, Brickfield Fire, Excess Reserves, Saucy Primrose, Fionns Hawk, Sporry King, Alisons Smile, Gifted Belle.


330 – Moon Ramble, Goodnight Sean, No Nay Never, Grannys Rosie, Curramore Sid, Belmont Raider. 525 – Breffni Rose, Curramore Anne, Pepsi Margie, Clounamon Cailin, Laughil Lucy, Portumna Ace. 525 – Ceol Na Nean, Glannabell Lass, Didis Lass, Farrany Faith, Ollys Geenie, Fourth Tee. 330 – Castleroggy Keri, Laughil Laura, Carn Scolari, Newport Blackie, Glannabell Ken, Ballyhast Fairy. 525 – Kildallon Rapid, Dr Gass, Oran Rescue, Skyfall Bond, Royal James, Bloomfield Lizzy. 525 – Lady September, Peteles Flash, Coolamber Crash, Fitzler Mario, Carn Fern, Bective Glossy. 525 – Bridie Junior, Tudor Lilly, Racecourse Lush, Ruby Rumble, Castleroggy Mist, Goldmine Legacy. 330 – Tamna Bowser, Izzys Girl, Skydiver Ace, Aussie Talk, Piercefield Kid, Sandstorm Ella. 525 – Sigma Danny, Tahina Robbie, Peteles Panther, Dream On Mike, Auntie, Very Lucky. 525 – Princess Fearne, Kyle Fire, Past Memory, Best Company, Tahina Rumble, Curley Luke. Floating res: Maybe Ziggy, Briardene Lad, Beehive Mackey, Scandal Eyes, Gweedore Suzy, Youhadyourchance, Tyrone Beauty, Hawks Hill Star, Breffni Whitey, Portumna Harbour, Fermoyle Fella, Gairneybridge, Coolamber Bugs, Aughaboy Amy, Monery Keano, Conors Freddy, Featherneen Lass, Drumsilla Ben, Soft Heel, Billis Squealer, Capoola Angel, Derrylahan Penny, Grouchos Charlie, Wallflower.


525 – Gloreen Haka, Contrary Jack, All Time Great, Oak Crest, Unique Girl, Some Gesture. 525 – Canal View Jenny, Saffron Surf, Mac The Knife, Allen Tomahawk, Galtee Sunrise, Forest Meadow. 325 – Snivel, Swinford Sadhbh, Black Chaperal, Pats Torment, Finnish Gold, Cheerstothebolt. 325 – Ardera Ramires, Hollys Impact, Ballymac Faith, Tuckmill Spark, Monread Primrose, Jotop Jack. 525 – Daylight Robber, Jimbobs Banrion, Ballymorefin Jet, Canal Champ, Deanos Legend, Sidebrook Judy. 525 – Old Road Jimbo, Bears Moe, Rathfield Guzler, Black Magic, Castleview Simba, Ratchies Encore. 325 – Forest Ali, Annesborough Sue, Go Central, Astral Dubh, Excelerator, Leonies Apple. 525 – Nutgrove Girl, Sometimes, Daisys Luck, Critical Call, Home Inthedark, Ille Crash. 525 – Trasher Boy, Nametab Avatar, My Senorita, Please Listen, Rawhide, Roblyn Boo. 525 – Burnt Oak Blaze, Home Brian, Granree Banshee, Derrymoyle Jack, Albion Heather, Ratchies Madison. Floating res: Coolavoran, Glenasmal Jim, Thiefinthenight, Bank Of Jean, Future Prospect, Darkie Finn, Doppler Effect, Nameless Boss, Hillroad Claf, Hand Painted, Hon The Dubh, Nice Hawthorn, Racefield Star, Sharons Goldie, Wizard Wand, Buds Of May, Mesedo Black, Bruno From Mars, Rockabilly Badgr, Here Forever, Jotop Fraya, Home Sandie, Sweetness, Mr Ming, Loyal Molly.

TRALEE (7.55)

525 – Mweevoo Oliver, Jalapeno, Shift Along, Whistling Ramble, Fantastic Spirit, Moyvane Stone. 325 – Coyote Queen, Bonnan Mor, Steeple Rd Chris, Mountleader Ilya, Dromtrasna Boy, Lisnaboy Jenni. 525 – Ballymac Marian, Cosmic Queen, Dons College, Manifold Mystic, Fire Height Enda, Faranbeg Sky. 325 – Blowinn Diesel, Into The Fire, Garrison Legend, Samba Ranger, Cappa Legend, Bayside Sparky. 525 – Tasty Rose, Knockeen Swift, Hawthorn Sammy, Ballyflynn Lady, Sausalito May, Millridge Lord. 525 – Steeple Rd Luke, Do Damage, Skybound Mayo, Frankies Blueboy, Baltovin Gary, Jeffs Sirius. 525 – Saleen Kelly, Elys Best, Killahas Tom, Clounamon Queen, Jibberish, Slipalong Mom. 525 – Fermoyle Bound, Droumeragh Debby, Millridge Matt, Kippers Usain, Howya Paudie, Ardfert Rory. 525 – Ballyglen Tide, Clounamon Diva, Shronedrugh Wink, Ardbeg Champ, Fermoyle Bale, Oak Time. 570 – Fermoyle Bolt, Carrowkeal Zak, Seans Wish, Lassinagh Crest, Killinan Cash, Katies Destiny. 525 – Duns Ringarosy, Rondo Classic, Rainham Themba, West In Less, Bohard Mandy, Refuse To Mambo. Floating res: Blackvalley Lady, Fire Height Tina, Gentle Tommy, Terry From Kerry, Burren Eugenius, Gentlemen Farmer, Bohard Bash, Kingview Blue, Farran Eddie, Westwind Swift, Jeffs All Star, Send It Jonteddy, Baltovin Tracy, Gneeves Jade, Icandomagic, Sarkozy Scolari, Jeffs Posh, Toremore Lark, Homestead Pearl, Bound Tobe Shaw, Coolemore Fergie, Pawsinmypocket, Send It Cash, Knocknaboul Emma, Andthen.

YOUGHAL (7.55)

525 – Canvas Zig, Any Clare, Bieber Fever, Opee Wynnes, Dunabbey Cappo, Blue Sword. 525 – Buford Blue, Shanagarry Maeve, Parkgate Miller, Ashville Mann, Outsider, Archaton Turbo. 325 – Witches Drum, Lubagh Speck, Fats Domino, Suirview Lucy, Reagrove Sue, Beanos Big Boss. 525 – Do Re Me, Peters Choice, Sunrise Belle, Dower Present, Cuddle Scully, Vivaro Image. 525 – Mohane Christy, January Frost, Cavies Bubbles, Even Worser, Seaview Twinkle, Glenbower Tiger. 325 – Harbour Town, Tuany Tempah, Spindles Dream, Seaview Mandy, Dundonnell, Shanagarry Vieri. 525 – Castlemary Lorna, Witches Boher, Corrin Nell, Rushmoor Castle, Knockglass Jack, Amys Delight. 525 – Corrin Scolari, Vickys Blue, Rushmoor Derry, Ring Strand, Shanagarry Star, Boulta Winnie. 525 – Brogan Chico, Tarrs Duke, Ashville Ruby, Queen Jade, Rockybay Jacko, Winspiration. 550 – Rising Bluebell, Rushmoor Grace, Wagga Breeze, Garryvoe Mick, Cloneen Patrick, Whitty Big Jack.

Floating res: Drive On June, Sarou Ayla, Lisnabrin, Coolbeggan Eve, Teds Drive, Butch Popular, Transtown Boher, Corrin Richie, Miss Shelly, May Blue, Millridge Brae, Shilling Short, Tooseetobelieve, Fairy Popular, Witches Paul, You Little Joker, What About Jim, Witches Heat, Graigavalla Jake, Chilli Diva, Blue Stella, Witches Aqua, Cavies Mattie, Hot Chilli, Shedfield Crash, Mister Hondo.

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