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Ireland is sending a team to World Championships for medieval-style knights

Anton Savage

Published 23/04/2015 | 11:17

Ireland is sending a team to the International Medieval Combat World Championship in Poland this year. This is a sport where grown men wear suits of armour and pretend to be medieval knights.

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When one first hears of these guys, the logical assumption is that they partake in choreographed, pre-planned fights, like American Civil War re-enactment nerds. That view couldn't be more wrong.

They use swords that are blunted, so no limbs get severed. But other than it's pretty much Game Of Thrones (left) minus the sex. Choreographed it ain't. It's dangerous, exhausting, loud and aggressive. The world championships in Poland will undoubtedly be very entertaining. It does still leave one lingering question though - what's wrong with golf?


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