Sunday 22 October 2017

Junior Cert PE can help tackle obesity crisis

Ger Gilroy

The proposal to add PE to the Junior Cert curriculum is a welcome one. Taking sport's role in society seriously is to be welcomed, even if this is only a minor step along the road.

The new subject will require time to filter into the school system and isn't slated to be a Senior subject as part of the current redevelopment of the system.

Students will have the choice of doing PE as one of two short courses replacing a single traditional course so it remains to be seen how enthusiastic all schools are about adopting the new syllabus.

The course itself seems a great mix of practical application – ie taking part in games – and some theory including team work and a study of movement. So you don't have to be a sports genius to be good, there's always room for the stats geek too.

It's a start but, given the obesity crisis, it's still weird that we ignore how much sport can do to help.

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