Sunday 26 March 2017

Scan weighs heavily on McIlroys mind

Karl McGinty

Rory McIlroy had a weight on his mind as he flew to Leeds in midweek for a consultation with his medical and fitness team.

"Dreading Dexa-Scan," the world No 7 tweeted ... he needn't have worried. The scan, which measures bone density and body composition, including muscle and fat, showed McIlroy's daily gym sessions weren't wasted.

He gained three kilos of muscle and lost one kilo of fat since New Year.

"Went from 74 kilos to 76 kilos," he reported on Twitter, adding: "Only another four kilos to go (to his optimum weight of 80 kilos)."

For those who deal in old money, 76 kilos is just under 12 stone.

It's a far cry from the days when the only weight the average Tour professional lifted was a pint tumbler and regular exercise was a walk with the dog to buy a packet of cigarettes.

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