Friday 22 September 2017

‘Jim McGuinness and hypocrisy go hand in hand – he blocked my wife and I from going on team holiday’

Kevin Cassidy. Photo: Sportsfile
Kevin Cassidy. Photo: Sportsfile Newsdesk Newsdesk

Former Donegal player Kevin Cassidy has brandished Jim McGuinness’ recent complaints about the County Board regarding last year’s team holiday as “hypocritical”.

Cassidy, who had a well-publicised fall-out with McGuinness in 2011 after the then All Star was thrown off the Donegal panel for contributing to a book entitled 'This Is Our Year', referenced a team holiday that he and his wife were denied permission to travel by McGuinness during his time in charge of the Ulster county.

Speaking to Gaelic Life, Cassidy was withering in his assessment of McGuinness’ Irish Times column this week where he highlighted complaints he had over the end of season holiday to Dubai last year.

“He (McGuinness) must have a short memory because it wasn’t that long ago that he blocked my wife and I from going on a team holiday,” he said.

“The phrase; pot, kettle, black springs to mind!! But then again for me the words Jim McGuinness and hypocrisy go hand in hand!”

McGuinness, the most successful manager in the county’s history after leading the Ulster side to an All-Ireland title in 2012 and three provincial titles during his four-year term, aired his grievances in the column entitled ‘Sadly I must wash some dirty linen in public’, discussing the team holiday which saw seven members of the party, including himself, not travel to the United Arab Emirates.

Former Donegal manager Jim McGuinness
Former Donegal manager Jim McGuinness

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The current Celtic employee wrote that he was told at the time that holiday vouchers could not be issued to those who couldn't travel because there was an “implication with revenue”. However when he consulted Croke Park on the issue, he was told those not travelling were entitled to travel vouchers.

Croke Park issued a sum of €80,000 towards the team holiday, but the non-travelling members failed to receive any of the travel vouchers.

McGuinness argues that it is about respect rather than the holiday, but the County Board responded to the claims of their former manager, denying any wrong-doing.

“CLG Dhún na nGall wishes to clarify its position regarding the 2014 players and management teams holiday,” the statement read.

“CLG Dhún na nGall correctly followed all guidelines as issued by Croke Park to Donegal County Committee regarding holidays and are satisfied that the holiday was organised fully in accordance with those guidelines as has been confirmed by Croke Park.”

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