Thursday 27 April 2017


THE teams fielded by Cork in their championship games so far have been radically different to those named by the manager. This is how they have lined out. Will Saturday's team to play Galway buck the trend?

Cork (v Limerick) – K O'Halloran; P Kissane, M Shields, D Cahalane; J Loughrey, G Canty, T Clancy; A O'Connor, P O'Neill; C Sheehan, P Kelly, J O'Rourke; D Goulding ,B Hurley, P Kerrigan. Subs: F Goold for Kelly, N O'Leary for Canty, D O'Connor for Sheehan, A O'Sullivan for O'Neill, M Collins for Kerrigan.

Cork (v Clare) – K O'Halloran; E Cadogan, M Shields, D Cahalane; J Loughrey, P Kissane,T Clancy; P O'Neill, G Canty; J O'Rourke, P Kelly, F Goold; D Goulding, B Hurley, P Kerrigan. Subs: A Walsh for O'Neill, C Sheehan for Kerrigan, D O'Connor for O'Rourke, A O'Connor for Kelly, T Clancy for Kissane.

Cork (v Kerry) – K O'Halloran; E Cadogan, M Shields, P Kissane; N O'Leary, J Loughrey, D Cahalane; G Canty, A Walsh; F Goold, P Kerrigan, J O'Rourke; D Goulding, B Hurley, D O'Connor. Subs: A O'Connor for Cahalane, P O'Neill for O'Rourke, T Clancy for Cadogan, C Sheehan for O'Connor, M Collins for Goold.

Cork (v Galway)? – A Quirke; E Cadogan, M Shields, T Clancy; D Cahalane, G Canty, J Loughrey A O'Connor, P O'Neill; M Collins, A Walsh, J O'Rourke; D Goulding, C Sheehan, B Hurley.

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