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Saturday 29 April 2017

Murphy & co the real losers here

I know all about club fixture problems, multi-grade competitions, burnout etc, but there's something disturbing about a senior inter-county schedule that guarantees footballers from Derry, Carlow and Tipperary just one competitive game (an All-Ireland qualifier) in the 38-week period between last Sunday and the start of the League on February 6 next.

The losers of Meath-Offaly, Antrim-Tyrone, Louth-Longford and Clare-Waterford could be heading for one game in 37 weeks next Sunday.

Is there any other sport where a brilliant young talent such as Carlow's Brendan Murphy, who is eager to advance and develop as a footballer, would be told that the governing body could guarantee him just one game (and given Carlow's current status that is all it's likely to be) at the level his skill warrants for three-quarters of the year?

Most unlikely.

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