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Thursday 27 April 2017

Martin Breheny

The handpassing virus must be cured

"The clue is in the name of the game -- Gaelic football. It has long since been corrupted by the handpassing virus which can be deleted only by rule change.

"Requiring a player who receives the ball from a handpass to play it on with the boot is worth an experiment. So what if it led to more possession turnovers? Would that be such a bad thing? Besides, in time, it would improve the standard of kick-passing, which is poor in the modern game.

"Alternatively, restrict the number of players from either side who can be in one half at any particular time. That would create more room for the team going forward.

"Granted, it would add to the pressure on linesmen, but if their equivalents in soccer have to judge offside, how difficult would it be to keep track if too many players funnelled back over their own halfway line?"

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