Sunday 22 October 2017

Friday night fever: the war of words

John Costello

Dublin CEO

"We wanted to use the Friday night game to promote our games before the widest possible audience in what will be a special weekend of sport in Dublin and we can't understand why obstacles were put in our way."

Seamus Woods

Chairman of the Central Competitions Control Committee

"The CCCC believed that it was an unreasonable imposition on players to ask them to take time off work on a Friday night for a game which had been scheduled for Sunday for several months. At the very least, it would involve a half-day, although it's difficult to see how that would be enough for Mayo, who had to travel to Dublin."

Andy Kettle

Dublin chairman

"Gazumped is what I would call it. I don't know what the reasons were for Croke Park's decision. We just got word that it won't be happening."

Feargal McGill

GAA head of games and players' welfare

"We don't go for midweek games -- and we'd put Friday night games in that category -- unless we have to. They impact on players, officials, supporters and stewards."

John Costello

"There will be a lot of overseas visitors around and we felt that we had a better chance of getting them to Croke Park on the Friday night than the Sunday. We'll still be trying, but it won't work as well. I've no doubt that whatever crowd we get on Sunday would have been beaten by 10,000 on the Friday night."

Feargal McGill

"Switching a game which has been in the diary for March 20 for months would have provoked a backlash in some quarters. I can guarantee you that if we'd changed at this late stage, we'd have got a lot of complaints."

Seamus Woods

"We're delighted that it (Spring Series) worked so well but we didn't think that switching a game from Sunday afternoon to Friday night was appropriate at this stage."

John Costello

"The future of the Spring Series being held in Croke Park is in doubt. From Croke Park's new ticketing system, which was an abject failure initially and is now being modified on a week to week basis, to CCCC's refusal to play our game on a Friday, we feel central powers could have been a lot more helpful in our quest to promote our national games."

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