Monday 29 December 2014

David Moyes, Robin van Persie and Andre Villas-Boas's Twitter namesakes bond over abuse from football fans

Thom Gibbs

Published 28/03/2014 | 19:28

Mistaken identity: Three Twitter users with handles that might be confused for David Moyes, Robin Van Persie and Andre Villas-Boas. There have been predictably depressing results

For all of the internet's many faults, (bullying, grief-mocking, any website with the word "lad" in its name), its ability to bring people together can still warm the #heart.

Sarah Moyes, absolutely no relation, made the unfortunate decision to sign up to Twitter with the handle "@moyesy".

Predictably, she has copped a refuse truck full of horrible abuse as David Moyes has struggled to remember how to manage a football team at Manchester United.

Earlier this week, she snapped. Extremely politely:

Moyes tweet.jpg

The press descended, Sarah became a very modern instant minor #celebrity. Wonderfully, a sort of support group was also alerted to Sarah's predicament.

Step forward Ravi Visvesvara Prasad and Ashley Van Buren, who had encountered similar troubles on Twitter due to their respective handles: @avb and @rvp.

The following exchange between the trio reads like a sermon from a group of kindly internet vicars. All three seem to realise that the way to handle the horror of misdirected football #rage is with #grace and a little #humour:

Moyes tweet2.jpg

Please let this be a lesson to you: tweet your fury carefully.

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