Monday 22 May 2017

Vincent Hogan: Walsh laments failure to keep possession

Vincent Hogan

Vincent Hogan

A strange kind of glory down by the marina then, Denis Walsh lamenting the bad habits that tugged at Cork's serenity all day.

Against Tipperary, his team had devoured all breaking ball with dervish intensity, yet here they looked far too equivocal for his liking.

"The amount of possession that we lost or breaking ball that we gave away was huge," he sighed, like an unhappy parent with no great appetite to scold.

"I don't have to say it. It's obvious we'll have to win a higher percentage of that type of ball and retain possession a bit better. Just be more efficient really. If you look at the breaking ball we lost today, we won that hands down against Tipperary."

"We weren't that impressive up front to be honest, even though we scored 2-19."

The dismissal of Limerick wing-forward, Sean Herlihy, was clearly a pivotal moment. "Particularly in the conditions" agreed Walsh.

"Fair play to Limerick, they really knuckled down and kept going to the end. If we lost a man in these conditions today, we'd be under severe pressure."

It will be Cork's first Munster final appearance since 2006 and wing-forward Niall McCarthy admitted he had begun to despair of ever playing in another.

"The last few years, you'd be wondering were we ever going to get back there," he reflected. "It'll be a huge battle."

As to the suggestion that Cork were on a "hiding to nothing" against a virtual development side, McCarthy was unimpressed.

"The media are never going to run out of ink," he smiled. "Everybody saying that Cork were going to win by this and that. We just had to look after our own house. And that's what we did."

Limerick's captain, Bryan O'Sullivan, reckoned his side had played to no more than 60pc of their potential. "Cork would punish you even if you had 16 players," he said.

"But I think we under-performed. Limerick's record in the Munster for the last decade isn't good enough. We've only won two first round games in 10 years. For a proud hurling county, that's not good enough."

"So today is a hard day for Limerick hurling, but we just want to improve and improve."

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