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10 interesting things about the World Cup ‘RoboCop’ style police

Anita McSorley

Published 14/05/2014 | 15:35

BOPE, the military police elite troop battalion, enter the unpacified Complexo da Mare, one of the largest 'favela' complexes in Rio
BOPE, the military police elite troop battalion, enter the unpacified Complexo da Mare, one of the largest 'favela' complexes in Rio

Scarier than Robocop himself, these Brazilian special forces will keep any rowdy football fans in their place during the world cup in Brazil next month.

World Cup police in Rio de Janeiro will be kitted out in a ‘RoboCop’ style suit of armour to protect officers in the event of violent protests during the tournament.

We have a look at 10 things we’ve learnt so far about the Brazilian ‘RoboCops’.

1. Their amour weighs 10kg (22kg)

Which is the equivalent of an average one year old child.

2. It is also flame resistant

These special suits are flame resistant up to up to 427C.

3. They are known as BOPE

BOPE is the local acronym for a member of the Special Police Operations Battalion.

4. There will be 200 of them

200 sets of this special protective equipment have been made. They will be patrolling the streets with a further 4,000 regular police officers and 1,500 military officers.

5. They have a lot of weapons at their disposal

Including riffles, knives, grenades and a ‘secret new technology’. 

6. They have one of the toughest training regimes in the world

Potential candidates must serve six years in the slums of Rio before being recommended by a superior for the notoriously tough selection process. They then spend three months of technical, tactical and physiological training.

7. Their slogan is a skull pierced on a sword with two gold pistols in the background


8. They will also be used during the 2016 Olympics in Rio

This special unit was set up for both the World Cup next month and 2016 Olympics in Rio.

9. These suits were created after protests during the Confederations Cup in Brazil last June

In June last year, during the Confederations Cup in Brazil, police and demonstrators clashed when thousands protested against public spending ahead of the World Cup.

10. There is not one, but TWO protective layers

Underneath the plastic that covers the back and the chest, there is another protective layer that absorbs and spreads the force of a blow.

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