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Soccer results and fixtures

Published 21/11/2012 | 16:49


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PREMIER DIVISION: Arklow Town v Rathnew AFC A 8.00 (D. Jameson).


FAI YOUTH INTER-LEAGUE CUP: Carlow League v Wicklow League 2.00.

U-18 DIVISION 1: Roundwood v Ardmore Rovers 2.30 (J. Doyle).

U-17 DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE: Enniskerry YC v Kingswood FC 2.00 (C. Long).


PREMIER DIVISION: BBK United v Shillelagh United 11.00 (G. Boland); Arklow United v St. Anthony's 11.00 (F. Crossadell); Arklow Celtic A v Newtown United A 11.00 (P. O'Brien); Ashford Rovers v Enniskerry YC 11.00 (M. Kennedy).

DIVISION 1: Avonmore FC A v Rathnew AFC B 11.00 (D. Earls); St. Patrick's A v St. Fergal's AFC A 11.30 (M. Quinn); Wicklow Rovers v Wolfe Tone Celtic 11.30 (D. Lachausse); Celtic Stars v Wicklow Town 11.00 (C. Doyle).

DIVISION 2: Conary United v Roundwood AFC 11.00 (W. Whelan); Newtown United B v Glencormac United 2.00 (D. Lachausse); Redbank United v Saints FC A 2.00 (M. Kennedy).

DIVISION 3: Arklow United B v Avonmore FC B 2.00 (C. Doyle); Ballywaltrim FC v Fassaroe YC 11.00 (A. Kavanagh); Carnew United v Saints FC B 2.00 (F. Crossadell); MK Dons v St. Fergal's AFC B 2.00 (P. O'Brien); Greystones United v Shamrock Celtic 2.30 (C. Hanney); Fairwood Celtic v Carnew Celtic 11.30 (O. White).

U-18 PREMIER DIVISION: Ardmore Rovers A v Esker Celtic 1.00; Terenure FC v Greenhill Boys 12.45; Granada FC A v Woods United 1.00.

U-18 DIVISION 1: Cabinteely Boys v Granada FC B 1.00; St. James' Athletic v Dalkey United 11.45; Beechwood FC v AFC Belgrave 12.00; Shankill FC v Carriglea Boys 1.15.

U-17 DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE: Glenview FC v Cabinteely Boys 2.00 (C. Byrne); Beechwood FC B v Park Celtic 12.00; Rathgar FC B v Beechwood FC A 10.15; Templeogue United v Blessington FC 11.30; Dalkey United v Rathgar FC A 1.00; Shankill FC v Greystones United A 11.45.


OSCAR TRAYNOR: Leinster Senior League 5, Wicklow League 4.

FAI JUNIOR CUP ROUND 3: St. Peter's FC 2, Wolfe Tone Celtic 0.

WICKLOW CUP: Rathnew AFC A 6, Glencormac United 2.

PREMIER DIVISION: Shillelagh United 1, Arklow United A 1; Newtown United A 3, Arklow Town 3; St. Anthony's 6, Arklow Celtic A 2.

DIVISION 1: Rathnew AFC B 3, Wicklow Town 2; St. Pat's A 1, Celtic Stars 0; Avonmore FC A 4, Wicklow Rovers 1.

DIVISION 2: Roundwood FC 2, Aughrim Rangers 1; Seaview Wanderers 4, Redbank United 1.

DIVISION 3: Greystones United B 4, Carnew United 1; Carnew Celtic 1, Avonmore FC B 2; St. Fergal's AFC B 0, Arklow United B 2; Fairwood Celtic 3, Ballywaltrim FC 1.

LFA YOUTH CUP ROUND 2: Cherry Orchard 7, Ardmore Rovers A 0; Arklow Town 4, St. Joseph's Boys 2.

U-18 DIVISION 1: Dalkey United 4, Arklow Celtic 6.

U-17 DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE: Greystones United 1, Beechwood B 2; Templeogue 0, Arklow Town 7; Rathgar FC A 1, Glenview 8; Dalkey United 2, Ashford Rovers 4; Enniskerry YC 2, Wicklow Town 2.



U-8 GREEN: St. Anthony's v Rathnew 12.00. U-8 GOLD: Arklow United v Ardmore Rovers B 9.45.

U-9 GREEN: Rathnew v Greystones United A 11.00.

U-9 YELLOW: Newtown Juniors v Aughrim Rangers 11.00.

U-9 ORANGE: Fassaroe YC v Greystones United E 10.00. U-10 DIVISION 1: Rathnew v Arklow United 9.45. U-12 DIVISION 2 SHIELD: Little Bray United v Wolfe Tone B 11.30.

U-14 DIVISION 2 SHIELD: Wolfe Tone C v Enniskerry 11.30.


U-8 GREEN: Wicklow Rovers A v Arklow Town. U-8 WHITE: Glencormac United v Ashford Rovers A; Ardmore Rovers A v Wolfe Tone 10.00.

U-8 GOLD: Aughrim Rangers v Newtown Juniors.

U-8 YELLOW: Avonmore v St. Patrick's B; Ardmore Rovers C v Coolboy Rangers 11.00.

U-8 RED: Ashford Rovers B v Wicklow Rovers B; Wicklow Town v Carnew 11.00.

U-9 GREEN: Wicklow Rovers A v Arklow United A.

U-9 WHITE: Greystones United B v Ardmore Rovers A; Enniskerry A v St. Anthony's.

U-9 GOLD: Ashford Rovers B v Glencormac United; Carnew v Arklow Town A.

U-9 BLUE: Wicklow Rovers B v Greystones United D; Roundwood v Coolboy Rangers.

U-9 YELLOW: Ardmore Rovers C v Greystones United C 11.00.

U-9 RED: Arklow Town B v Wolfe Tone; Ashford Rovers A v Ardmore Rovers B.

U-9 ORANGE: Arklow United B v Enniskerry B 10.00; St. Fergal's v Wicklow Rovers C 10.00.

U-10 PREMIER DIVISION: Ardmore Rovers A v St. Anthony's 12.00; Greystones United A v Arklow Town A; Wicklow Rovers A v Ashford Rovers.

U-10 DIVISION 2: Greystones United C v Ardmore Rovers B; Coolboy Rangers v Wicklow Town; Greystones United D v Wicklow Rovers C; Greystones United E v Enniskerry B.

U-11 PREMIER DIVISION: Roundwood v Carnew; Arklow Town A v Greystones United A.

U-11 DIVISION 1: Wolfe Tone A v Newtown Juniors; Wicklow Rovers A v St. Anthony's.

U-11 DIVISION 2: Arklow United v Enniskerry 12.00.

U-11 DIVISION 3: St. Patrick's v Fassaroe YC 11.00; Wolfe Tone B v Ashford Rovers B.

U-12 PREMIER DIVISION SHIELD: Arklow Town A v Wicklow Town 12.00; Wicklow Rovers A v Greystones United A.

U-12 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: Roundwood v Wolfe Tone A; Newtown Juniors v Avonmore.

U-12 DIVISION 2 SHIELD: Arklow United v Rathnew; Enniskerry v Ashford Rovers.

U-12 DIVISION 3 SHIELD: St. Anthony's v Greystones United B 1.00; St. Fergal's v Wicklow Rovers B 10.00; Glencormac United v Arklow Town B 11.00.

U-13 PREMIER DIVISION SHIELD: Wicklow Rovers A v Avonmore.

U-13 DIVISION 2 SHIELD: Aughrim Rangers v Ardmore Rovers; Greystones United B v St. Anthony's.

U-13 DIVISION 3 SHIELD: Roundwood v Enniskerry B.

U-14 PREMIER DIVISION SHIELD: Wolfe Tone A v Greystones United A 11.30; Wicklow Town v Arklow Town A.

U-14 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: St. Anthony's v Aughrim Rangers 10.00; Coolboy Rangers v Wicklow Rovers A.

U-14 DIVISION 2 SHIELD: Arklow Town B v Enniskerry 1.30.

U-14 DIVISION 3 SHIELD: Wicklow Rovers B v Ashford Rovers; Newtown Juniors v Greystones United B.

U-15 PREMIER DIVISION SHIELD: Arklow Town v Arklow United 3.00; Wicklow Rovers B v Ardmore Rovers.

U-15 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: Greystones United v Enniskerry; Avonmore v Arklow United B; St. Anthony's v Aughrim Rangers 11.30.

U-16 PREMIER DIVISION SHIELD: Greystones United v Coolboy Rangers.

U-16 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: St. Fergal's v Roundwood 11.30; St. Anthony's v Ashford Rovers 12.15; Ardmore Rovers v Arklow Town B 1.00.


U-8 GREEN: Rathnew 4, Wicklow Rovers A 2 (Aaron Murray, Peter Dunne); St. Anthony's 6 (Ryan Curran 3, Mark Gray, Craig David, Calum Grant), Arklow Town 2.

U-8 WHITE: Glencormac United 1, Ardmore Rovers A 7 (Ben Parker 3, Christian Gallagher 2, Fionn Fitzgerald, Ross Hayde); Wolfe Tone 1 (Odhran Slater/Lavalle), Ashford Rovers A 2 (Sam Greene 2).

U-8 GOLD: Aughrim Rangers 1 (Jack Devitt), Arklow United 4 (Jack Flusk 2, Dylan Lennon, Wojtek Krauza); Newtown Juniors 6, Ardmore Rovers B 2 (Alex Nolan, Own Goal).

U-8 RED: Ashford Rovers B 0, St. Patrick's A 5; Ashford Rovers 0, St. Patrick's 5.

U-9 GREEN: Arklow United A 1 (Damien Aigbologa), Rathnew 1; Greystones United A 0, Wicklow Rovers A 2 (Mark Hodgkinson, Tiernan O'Brien). U-9 BLUE: St. Patrick's 2, Roundwood 7. U-9 WHITE: Ardmore Rovers 3 (Cian Longmore, Luke Breen, Lucas Jacob), Enniskerry 0; Greystones United B 2, St. Anthony's 2 (Oisin Taggart 2)

U-9 YELLOW: Greystones United C 0, Aughrim Rangers 3 (Cian Harper, Ryan Harper, Sean Murphy); Ardmore Rovers C 3 (Aaron Davoren 3), Newtown Juniors 4.

U-9 RED: Ardmore Rovers B 0, Wolfe Tone 7 (Daniel Ramanoe 3, Ben Fitzgerald, Ayo Adebesi, Chad O'Toole); Ashford Rovers A 5 (Sean Birchfield 2, Mikey Cash, James Ffrench, Ben Kelly, Finn Fitzpatrick), Arklow Town B 1.

U-9 ORANGE: Wicklow Rovers C 2 (Jack Noble, Kai Fitzsimons), Fassaroe YC 2; St. Fergal's 10, Arklow United B 0; Enniskerry B 3, Greystones United E 2.

U-10 PREMIER DIVISION: Arklow Town A 6, Wicklow Rovers A 1 (Lee Hamilton); St. Anthony's 0, Greystones United A 4; Enniskerry A 0, Ardmore Rovers A 4 (Daniel Murphy, Tim Harrington, Luke O'Brien, Oscar Maloney).

U-10 DIVISION 1: Rathnew 2, Greystones United B 2; Arklow Town B 8, Arklow United 2 (Joe McGeary 2); Wicklow Rovers B 3 (Charlie Leonard, Evan Dwyer, Daniel Dunne), Roundwood 1

U-10 DIVISION 2: Wicklow Town 4 (Jack O'Reilly 4), Greystones United D 3; Enniskerry B 2, Coolboy Rangers 1 (Oisin Gorman); Wicklow Rovers C 3 (Conor Leonard 2, Finn Egan Barron), Ardmore Rovers 1 (Sam Smith).

U-11 PREMIER DIVISION: Coolboy Rangers 4 (Claudius Harbarta 3, Matthew Ging), Roundwood 4; Carnew 3, Arklow Town A 2; Greystones United A 3, Wicklow Town 5 (Dylan Kavanagh 2, Dylan Doyle, Jack Fox, Luke Kelly).

U-11 DIVISION 1: Newtown Juniors 4, St. Anthony's 0; Avonmore 2, Wolfe Tone A 4 (Jack Walsh 2, Adam Melia, Callum Leggett); Ardmore Rovers 4 (Sean Duffin 3, Max Goff), Wicklow Rovers A 3 (Craig Anderson, Robbie Hoffman, Nathan Sullivan).

U-11 DIVISION 2: Arklow United 2 (Ethan Curran, Luke Lennon), Ashford Rovers A 1 (Alex Glynn); Enniskerry 3, Greystones United B 3; Arklow Town 8, Aughrim Rangers 2 (Shane Browne, Dylan Molloy).

U-11 DIVISION 3: Ashford Rovers B 1 (Keevan Doyle), St. Patrick's 1; Fassaroe YC 0, Wicklow Rovers B 5 (Jamie Noble 2, Charlie Christie 2, Ruadhan Doyle).

U-12 PREMIER DIVISION CUP QUARTER FINAL: Wicklow Rovers A 1 (Ryan Corrigan), Arklow Town A 4.

U-12 PREMIER DIVISION SHIELD: Greystones United A 3, Aughrim Rangers 0.

U-12 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: Newtown Juniors 7, Roundwood 0; Ardmore Rovers 6 (Stephen Crabb 4, Jake Murray, Oisin Drury), Wolfe Tone A 1 (Adam McDonald).

U-12 DIVISION 2 SHIELD: Rathnew 4, Little Bray United 1; Ashford Rovers 3, Enniskerry 1.

U-12 DIVISION 2 CUP: Ashford Rovers 3 (David Eivers, Niall Gaffney, Ryan Turner), Enniskerry 1.

U-12 DIVISION 3 SHIELD: Greystones United B 0, Glencormac United 9; Wicklow Rovers B 1 (James Bradshaw), Arklow Town B 6.

U-12 DIVISION 3 CUP QUARTER FINAL: St. Anthony's 7 (Tom Fitzgerald 3, Alec Greene, Mikel Counihan, Brian Devereux, Sam Gammell), St. Fergal's 2.

U-13 PREMIER DIVISION SHIELD: Wicklow Rovers A 7 (Adam Byrne 5, Luca Rampersaud, Ben Watson), Wolfe Tone A 1 (Michael Moorehouse).

U-13 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: Enniskerry 6, Wicklow Rovers B 1 (Dean Noble); Ardmore Rovers 3 (Shane Devlin, Lee Brennan, Mathew Dehantschutter), Aughrim Rangers 9 (Cian Moules 3, Noel Byrne 3, Mark Whelan, Jay Stapleton).

U-13 DIVISION 2 SHIELD: Arklow Town B 2, St. Anthony's 0.

U-13 DIVISION 3 SHIELD: Enniskerry B 2, St. Patrick's 2.

U-14 PREMIER DIVISION SHIELD: Arklow United A 5 (Ciaran O'Shea, Philip Malmo, Josh O'Reilly, Sean Cronin 2), Wicklow Town A 0; Arklow Town A 3, Wolfe Tone A 1 (Michael Vickers).

U-14 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: St. Anthony's 0, Coolboy Rangers 2 (Bill Nolan, Daniel Behan).

U-14 DIVISION 2 SHIELD: Enniskerry 1, Wolfe Tone C 3 (Joe Bradley 2, Corey Doonan); Avonmore w/o, Ardmore Rovers scr.

U-14 DIVISION 3 SHIELD: Newtown Juniors 8, Wicklow Rovers B 1 (Evan Doyle); Arklow United B 2 (Conor Kelly, Philip McNally), Ashford Rovers 1 (Jake Power).

U-15 PREMIER DIVISION SHIELD: Ardmore Rovers 1 (James Vance), Arklow United 1 (Cathal Kelleher); Wicklow Rovers B 1 (Alejandro Barbieria), Wicklow Rovers A 7 ( Adam Copeland 3, Ross Quinn 3, Eoin McAulay)

U-15 DIVISION 1 SHIELD: Arklow United B 1, Avonmore 11; Aughrim Rangers 2 (Adam Rochford, Alan Byrne), Enniskerry 2.

U-15 DIVISION 1 CUP QUARTER FINAL: St. Anthony's 7 (Kenneth Turner, Jordan Murray, Dillon Carthy, Kevin Gillan, Ryan Heffernan, Ryan O'Reilly, Thomas Brady), Wolfe Tone 2 (Ger Clancy, Alan Kane).

U-16 PREMIER DIVISION SHIELD: Arklow Town A 0, Coolboy Rangers 2 (Roan Lynch, Adam Doyle).

U-16 DIVISION 1 CUP QUARTER FINALS: Arklow Town B 7, St. Anthony's 2 (Shane McMullen, Stephen Taylor); Ardmore Rovers 4 (Ben Melia 2, Max Gallagher, Conor Byrne), Roundwood 3.

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