Saturday 22 July 2017

No joy for Ladies 1st against Pembroke

Ladies 1st - Bray ladies firsts took on the league leaders at their homeground in Bray last Saturday. After a two week break from matches the Bray side were slow to start and Pembroke took the lead very early on in the game.

At half-time the visitors were three goals ahead. Bray did manage to get one goal back just after half time with Bray captain Cheryl Cox striking a short corner on target and finding the back of the goal.

Pembroke were unrelentless in their attacks and their well executed short corners saw them hit the Bray goal another four times in the second half. The ladies Firsts are hoping to pick up some vital league points next weekend in their

two games before they take a break for the Christmas period.

Ladies 2nds

Bray started off strong from the very first whistle, keeping up this strength throughout the game. Both teams were evenly matched.

That said, however, thanks to our mid-fielders, Nuala McGann, Clara O'Sheaa and Clare Murray, Bray was able to keep the ball in Newbridge's circle. This lead to a numerous amount of attacking short corners for Bray, where our front line, Claire Prendergast, Erica Duggan, Aoife Gillen, Amy Robinson and Niamh Duffy, could show Newbridge just how much they wanted this win.

Unfortunately, Newbridge''s defenders were too good. Not only that, but they were a challenge for Bray, with quick passes that ultimately lead back to Bray's backs and keeper to defend, Sam Henson, Tara Smith, Molly Dodd, Sarah Finnegan, Hannah O Conor and Aisling Carthy. Unfortunately within the first few minutes of the game the deciding own goal was scored by Bray.

With our confidence slightly less than before, Bray lost a bit of overall structure in the second half. However, the ferocity and need to win soon came back to the team leading to the most intense last ten minutes of a game anyone has ever experienced. Both teams experienced injuries, with 2 of Bray's players needing to leave the pitch, Nuala McGann and Hannah O'Connor. Both girls are fine, although more than a little bit bruised.

However, that is all that was bruised this Saturday, as although Newbridge now moves forward in the cup, Bray showed great sportsmanship and will continue to move on up in the League.

Ladies 3rds

A brilliant game played by every player on Bray's team, with good, strong passes abundant throughout the match. With a score of 2-2, one can easily see how this was a very close match.

That said, Bray gave 110% with our first goal scored within the first 10 minutes of play - a rebound ball beautifully set up by Clara O'Shea and Aoife Gillen for Claire Prendergast to hit into the goals. With one goal in the bag, Bray remained calm and steady with the ball. Although UCD had a fast front line, there was no contest between them and our backs, Ally O'Leary, Molly Dodd, Tara Smith, Sam Henson and Aisling Carthy.

Our mid-fielders had a superb game, with a few of them trying out new positions.

Even with that in mind, they played really well, perfectly setting up Amy Robinson for what was to be the second goal for Bray. Woman of the match was without a doubt Erica Duggan, giving her all as right forward, she didn't back down once from UCD's backline.

That said she did have great support from Niamh Duffy and Clare Murray, both of whom made brilliantly quick passes into the circle. Although UCD did manage to score 2 goals, Bray kept up their urgency and brought the game to Newbridge.

Overall, a fantastic game played by all of our girls, with Bray able to walk away feeling more than satisfied that they gave it their all.

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