Wednesday 28 June 2017

Tax firm reports average family will lose €778

TAX CONSULTANTS,, calculate that the average Wicklow family will loose an additional €778 due to the effects of the 2013 budget.

This will have a knock on effect resulting in the removal of €13.1 million from the local economy.

The calculations looked at the cost to an average family who own their own home in Wicklow, and have three children and one income.

According to Christine Keily of, 'our calculations show that an average family in Wicklow can expect €778 less in their pockets in 2013. And this doesn't take into account the additional charges on discretionary spending such as cigarettes, alcohol, motor tax etc.

'There are 16,900 two parent, three children, families in Wicklow alone so that's an estimated €13.1million will be removed from these averaged size family units in the county and will inevitably impact the local economy.'

However say that there are some positives that can be taken from the Government and that more importantly, the tax reliefs that were available over the last 4 years are still there for the taking.

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