Thursday 19 October 2017

Shop step a danger, say councillors

MEMBERS OF Wicklow Town Council highlighted the dangers of an area surrounding a step at a Wicklow town shop.

Cllr. Pat Byrne said several people had fallen outside the shop on South Quay and said 'something needs to be done about this before it turns into a more serious situation'.

Cllr. Mervyn Morrison said he had also received several representations on the matter and said he had been told that the council were either going to sand down the step or bring the tarmac up to meet it.

Town engineer Kevin Scanlon said, 'At the moment there is no money to do it. We are trying to find it somewhere. It is on the priority list.'

Cllr. Morrison said, 'It wouldn't take a lot of money while Cllr. Irene Winters wondered if the council could use its overdraft and then replace it from next year's budget.

Town manager Mike Nicholson said the overdraft was simply a back up between capital spending and getting monies back from the Government and said it is 'not for day-to-day spending'.