Over 50pc paid household charge, council says


Published 04/04/2012 | 09:53

ABOVE: Julie Rose at the Household Charge Protest outside County Buildings before the Councillors' meeting.

WICKLOW COUNTY Council estimate that between 52 to 55 per cent of people who were due to pay the household charge did so by Saturday's midnight deadline.

Those figures would place Wicklow among the top ten local authorities in the country when it comes to the number of Household Charge payments received.

County Manager, Eddie Sheehy, thanked those who has paid but warned there wouldn't be any hiding place for anyone who failed to pay the charge.

'Others who haven't paid we will have to identify from various other databases. We owe it to those who have paid to chase those who could afford to pay but decided not to.'

Cllr. Pat Vance had requested clarification over Wicklow County Council's handling of the Household Charge following allegations from Government members over the weekend claiming that some local authorities had failed to adequately carry out their duties in collecting the charge.

Cllr. John Brady, seconded by his fellow Sinn Féin party member Cllr. John Snell, sought a suspension of standing orders at the start of Monday's Council meeting so that the Household Charge could be discussed in detail.

Cllr. Barry Nevin voiced his 'astonishment' at the request, commenting that ' the manager made it clear at the estimates meeting that Wicklow County Council were reliant on the Household Charge for funding and Sinn Féin voted for the estimates.'

Cllr. Brady rejected this, stating ' there was no vote taken here for the Household Charge and you know it.'

Cllr. Pat Fitzgerald added that it had been ' made clear' at the estimates meeting that revenue for this year would come from ' motor taxes and the Household Charge.'

Cllr. Brady's suspension of standing orders was put to the vote and was defeated with 6 elected members voting in favour, 15 against and 3 not present.

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