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No quick fix for FF says new chairman

Published 04/04/2012 | 09:53

THE newly-elected Chairman of South Wicklow Fianna Fáil has said that there is no 'quick fix' for the party.

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John Mullen said that Fianna Fáil has to 'step up or step down' and addressed recent criticism that the party should disband.

' This, in fairness, is reflective of a deep anger that exists about the many failings that have been revealed, and of the inexcusable corruption of a small but powerful group of people within our Party,' he said.

' There is no quick fix nor should there be. The saying 'power corrupts' is true, and too long in power corrupts even more. It will take time to re-build Fianna Fáil into a strong, centrist, citizen based movement, but I am convinced that it is a task that can, and needs to be done,' he added.

Mr. Mullen welcomed changes within the party which include the banning of corporate donations and a one member, one vote system.

'If ' The Republican Party' is to mean anything then it insists that Fianna Fáil empowers all members, open its doors, listen to people - all of the people, and learn from ' back room' rot that allowed TD'S to create fiefdoms where only a select few could have real input,' said Mr. Mullen, who is from Tinahely.

'Empowering citizens and communities should be the core value of a radicalized party. The scale of the job ahead is hard to overestimate. However the choice for those who remain in the Party is clear. The scale of the task requires a reciprocal scale of radical ambition to change how politics operates,' he concluded.

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