Thursday 23 March 2017

No funds to fix up empty council houses

WICKLOW Town Council may have to let out houses in a dilapidated state because it doesn't have the cash to bring the houses up to standard.

Town manager Mike Nicholson said: 'It may come to a situation in the near future were we offer houses as is. I don't like doing it but if we have to do it we will.'

Speaking at last week's town council meeting Mr Nicholson said it was rare that a house was returned to the council in perfect condition, saying that some repair works were generally needed.

However, with funds stretched to the limit the council is not always able to carry out the repair works, despite a housing waiting list in excess of 300.

He said he didn't know how many houses are currently vacant in the town but 'accepts there is a few vacant'.

Cllr Pat Byrne suggested that if houses were let out needing work that a reduction on the rent should be given for a period to offset the cost of repairs.

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